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Last Update: March 13, 2020

I need some help please.

If you have been following my WA post from last week, you know that I have now got an autoresponder. I got it all set up according to the way I thought I needed it to be, then some confusion has happened.

I created a campaign with 6 emails. My first email is a Welcome email. All my emails for my campaign are created on AWeber.

With my opt-in I used the basic default Thank you page that I personalized a bit.

Then once they get the default thank you confirmation page, 15 minutes later they get my first email that is the Welcome email with my giveaway.

My confusion comes in when all the training I see they say to create your own Thank you page on my website and use that URL instead of the AWeber one.

All the examples I see of thank you pages include the giveaway here and thanking you for joining. Isn't this page just part of the opt-in only? These thank you pages look like my 1st email of my campaign. Did I mess this up?

Also I created a landing page as an opt-in to join my email list, but I created it in AWeber not on my site. I tried creating a page in my website but it looks just like a blog post even after I got rid of the widgets, and header and footer.

What is the best thing to do here? If I use a free plug-in like Elementor or WP Landing pages do I have more ways to change the look?

Then of course what do I do with the done landing page. Right now I shared my AWeber landing page on FB and Pinterest. What else can I do with it?

I realize there are a lot of questions in here, but I am just spinning a bit and need a bit of guidance.

I hope you can help me figure out what I am mixing up.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I'm hanging on to see your answers, Coralie!
NathanConner Premium
Great job on building your own funnel! It takes a lot of work, and so many little details lol. You need a thank you page on your own website that new subscribers are redirected too.

In fact, as you build out your funnel, you should build out 3-5 different thank you pages. It is one of the most important pages you can have on your website, for several reasons:
-tracking conversions
-viral campaign incentives
-audience pixel tracking
-segmenting your email lists

Having a thank you page on your site makes the most sense, because it gives you the most control. Using a tool like Elementor is a good option for building your thank you page, as well as every other page of your funnel.
Coraliej Premium
Hi Nathan,
Thanks for the info. Having them come back to my site is the key right?

Is that thank you page the confirm your subscription page?

Also, should that thank you page include my giveaway? Or is my campaign 1st email where it should go? That's how I have it now.

I will get going on creating some thank you pages. But why more than one?

NathanConner Premium
I recommend turning off the double-opt-in feature in Aweber.

When subscribers opt-in, just take them to a thank you page asking them to check their inbox.

The thank-you page assists you in the shifts in remarketing that happen through the funnel. Just for example:
1. A check your inbox thank you page
2. Download thank you page with Viral Inviter
3. Thank you page with One-Time-Offer 1 (low-ticket)
4. Thank you page for an OTO 2 (high-ticket)
5. Thank you page for OTO 3 (mid-ticket downsell)

You can segment your list based on where they stopped converting in the funnel, and tailor your communication to increase conversions.
Coraliej Premium
I don't want to turn off the double opt in, as it does open up more spam issues according to Jay.
I managed to create an thank you page and have that all working now. Thank you for all the help.

I am sure there will be more issues come up, but for now I feel a bit better.

Still not to sure how to use my landing page other than for social media and linking certain words in my posts.

1 year in and still so much to learn. LOL!