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January 27, 2015
Ha! Ha! Made you look! So Saturday night my daughter, Diana and her boyfriend, Jason invited my husband and I out for an evening of entertainment. We started at an early movie and then went to dinner at the Tilted Kilt. We started with a nice glass of wine and some appetizers ... and some great conversation. After little more wine, some good food and getting to know Jason a little better ... he asked me about my website. I was filling him in on what my vision was ... you know ... get people
January 22, 2015
Bride! So ... at 19 ... with $300.00 between us and a beat up used vw bug ... we married and moved to northern Wisconsin to start our new life. Away from friends and family ... we learned to lean on and be with each other. I believe that that is what gave us such a strong bond. We had to learn how to be grown ups, be married, and be responsible ... together ... without any outside interference ... no matter how well intended. We had a great adventure ... finding jobs, an apartment, maki
January 21, 2015
Let's see ... what was I doing in 1973. Oh yes, I had just completed my training as a hairdresser ... I was still seeing my highschool sweetheart (together 4 years) ... looking for an apartment ... and ... Which one am I? Clue ... I am not wearing a tux! Are you exactly where you thought you would be 42 years later? Have you learned to dream big ... but also roll with the punches? I have rethought and redirected my life many times over (and now doing it again!) ... but one thing that has
January 18, 2015
Friday I wasn't feeling too good. The hubs just got over the flue and I was a bit afraid that I might be coming down with it. I did NOT have a very productive day ... and just about the time I finally got up enough energy to start getting dinner in the oven ... my daughter called. She was running late - due to a client meeting - and needed me to run pick the kids up from daycare. So much for dinner. Not that I don't love to spend time with my grandkids ... but really ... I was right in the
January 14, 2015
I have been struggling with a severe case of writer's block ... or a sad decline in creative thought! I have been trying to write a new post for my WA site for two weeks ... and ... nothing. I tried all my usual tricks but none of them seemed to work. Until today! Yippee! Finally made a breakthrough and got something down on paper! And by paper, I mean my website. Check it out Leave me a comment here ... wit
If you're looking to build a greater life I have some good solutions. It gives me great JOY to share with you some New Year's Resolutions! It's all about committing ourselves to live up to our true potential ... To work ... to learn ... to dream ... to change ... to grow - that's what's essential! We can't control our circumstance ... but we can curb our attitudes! We can exercise positive thinking ... and practice our daily gratitudes! We can dismiss most minor irritants ... before they ca
December 19, 2014
This is my Grandson ... not quite two. We took him to see Santa and then out for some wings. Santa? Not so much ...... Hooters Girl? Oh yeah! Some additional Elf humor ... I am sick of trying to come up with "Elfie" ideas! Or better yet .... Oh no! LOL .... have a Merry! M
December 15, 2014
So the theme for our Christmas this year is Frugal Creativity. I am certain that I am not the only one here at WA who is ... shall we say ... income challenged? Though I know that this is a temporary condition ... and we are all here working hard to improve that situation ... it doesn't do anything for the reality of "right now"! I am sharing some of my "Frugal Tips" for a Happy Holiday with you ... No new ornaments, decorations, or decore ... recycle what you have already and refresh with so
December 14, 2014
So I totally stole this idea from Robert's Sunday Entertainment Blog .... but it was just too good to pass up. We are doing a very different Christmas this year ... focus is on frugality and creativity ... (you know ... finances are lean). I have been racking my brain on something to make for the grandkids and the nieces and nephews to no avail ... and then I saw Robert's post! See for yourself ... I created my own label and put it on the water bottles ...
'Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the land Things were not working out quite as I planned. The Bloggers were hunched over laptop and phone Furiously writing and quite in the zone. And I, in a quandry, my heart filled with dread Was considering putting my website to bed. When what to my wondering eyes did I see? But the words of my WA Family challenging me! "Just what are you doing? You can't give up now! We need you ... you need us ... we'll get through this somehow!" With "bless