I am a baby-boomer!

Last Update: September 10, 2015

I am a baby boomer

I belong to an era that helped shaped the economic and political landscape of the world, the postwar babies born between 1946 to 1964.

In the 60’s, we were branded as non-conformists because of our unconventional and unusual beliefs. We were known for the rock and roll music, going against social norms and our aggressive actions such as the liberal expression of our sexuality, the trying out of drugs, our advocacy of the women’s rights, and our environmental awareness. Thus we created a generational identity.

We are the generation “living the good life”, surrounded by the revolutionized television sets in the 50’s, big cars and washing machines. We are financially secured and easier to purchase luxurious items when credit cards were introduced.

That was then and this is now. We are no longer in the limelight. Nowadays, most are inflowing the retirement stage, like me. I have the freedom of doing nothing and boring me to death. I decided to do something. And the challenge? Catching up in this digital age. Throughout my career, I was a sales professional in the telecom industry. So, would it hurt to continue working and switching to a comparable career, the online marketing? That would make me creative, productive, energetic-- physically and mentally.When I joined WA and given the requirement finding my niche, I do not have to research and look any further for my audience, because I can relate to them with commonality. These are my fellow baby-boomers. And proud to be one, as well!

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hilarybassak Premium Plus
Another baby boomer here - maybe it's time we all got back into the limelight :)
ConeyM Premium
Ha...ha...ha...welcome to the club and of course, my fellow baby boomer, we deserve to be on the spotlight! Love your comment!
phoenix2 Premium
Proud to be one too! Just started my internet business this year as well. Let's go!
RonAlderman Premium
Your post really hists home. And you are absolutly right.
siamjerry Premium
I was born 1955 and this year I started my internet career, which I hope will last for the next 15 years or so.
Pisquali Premium
I'm with you. We grew up in a great time.