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January 04, 2016
To Be or Not To Be...When I joined the Wealthy Affiliates last September 2, 2015, I was contemplating retiring.My opportunity to be a subscriber at Wealthy Affiliates paved a way for great learning about Affiliate Marketing to while away my time as well as augmenting a retirement income.It was a great starter for me to be a part of this community loving every minute of it. I learned and gained knowledge about the cyberspace world. I was very pro-active, joining group discussions. I was on the d
I received an email from a respected company offering an annual subscription to keep my ranking (although my newly published website is still out ranked—just 30 days old and still “on the tweaking stage”.) Below is the message......QUOTE AND UNQUOTE: “There are two things you need to realize about the next “Real Time Google Penguin” update. 1.This Google update will be an absolute Goldmine for smart businesses that are using the right SEO tools to prevent the
After the hard work, thorough research and paid for the domain name under Go Daddy, finally, my website , Looking, Feeling was launched few days ago. However, this evening, there is a website that was not on the google index before and now showing as & copyrighted. What could be my recourse to this? See below,. Is this acceptable and legit? I am feeling frustrated and unhappy! Thanks and looking forward to your ideas as to why? Any suggestion,
I did my website after joining WA last Sept. 2. It took me so many hours writing contents, the sporadic “hit and miss” website structure, days spent on changes and revisions. Finally, I asked my son to visit my website to comment. Using his mobile, my website is nowhere. Only to find out that my original theme is not what we call “responsive theme.” I changed my theme and voila! I am now on the right track doing business in the internet. By the way, is your we
October 05, 2015
From: [mailto:kyle@WA] Sent: October 3, 2015 4:15 AMTo Coney M Subject: Oops, your payment failedHi Coney,Your most recent scheduled payment for your membershipfailed and we want to make sure that you do not lose access to WA for anyreason unknown to you. We were unfortunately unable to charge your creditcard on file and would like to know if this is because you intended toleave, or if this is an unknown issue with your credit card?_____________________
September 10, 2015
I am a baby boomerI belong to an era that helped shaped the economic and political landscape of the world, the postwar babies born between 1946 to 1964. In the 60’s, we were branded as non-conformists because of our unconventional and unusual beliefs. We were known for the rock and roll music, going against social norms and our aggressive actions such as the liberal expression of our sexuality, the trying out of drugs, our advocacy of the women’s rights, and our environmental awaren
Yesterday was my first day with WA. So overwhelmed of the vibrant welcomes. When I woke up this morning, I had over 70 emails from members with messages like the follow effect, words of encouragement and motivation, the likes etc. I felt that sense of belonging. I was mesmerized of the virtual friendship and camaraderie. Wow! so .glad to be a member of this amazing community group. ..a special place to be with. Super thanks to all who reached out and connected with me. Very much appreci
Today is one of my memorable events of my life. Learning a new trade and joining an entrepreneurial community. As a newcomer to this group, cheers to my fellow newbies who are moving towards to this enterprising opportunity. Cheers to our upcoming success tomorrow and beyond.