I've Got To Make DRASTIC Changes

Last Update: February 05, 2021

Putting In The Work, It Should Be Simple...

In the past with my business I've been able to snag up the every day work flow, even if it was only a few hundred words in one session...

The world is in a really weird and exhausting spot right now. Lots of changes have happened and with that... Some of us might not be feeling the urge and excitement of building the business up.

I know that's how I've been. With my business, I've done a few awesome posts and what not and I see the results but at times I absolutely get off track... I start to wander outside of the areas of growth that I feel like I've known so well, at it's core, in the past.

I've been with WA for a little over 6 years now and there have been major ups and major downs... But I'm not sure I've hit a "down" as deep as I have recently.

I wanted to write this up to sort of speak "outloud" about it as well as make a notice for myself and the rest of you here.

There is nothing we can't change about ourselves and our business. The outside world has nothing to do with what we do with our business and our personal lives.

Drink more water, try to get out in the sun more and work HARD on your business. There have been MANY changes to Google and content creation as a whole the past few years and we've been able to learn and adapt to those changes but we can't forget that just "thinking" about how our business is going to be or just look at analytics isn't going to do ANYTHING for our business.

As important as it is to take a break and to reflect and relax, especially during these super off and weird times... We absolutely MUST get back to work and we MUST grow with the digital world.

I hope you and your families are healthy, wealthy and wise. I know that I want to be healthier, wealthier and wiser and the only way I'll be able to do that is by creating drastic change not just with myself but with my work flow as a whole.


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Claudiojuan Premium
Changes in your life? I like that word that I apply so much I hope to finally find my way.
Thank you Colton!
drjec Premium
Thanks for Letting us know. Hang in there.
jfbmarketing Premium
We all have our views and reasons for doing what we do; it is called a choice, nothing else. What we do and accomplish, we had a reason for doing it.

Making a living on the internet is not easy; it takes a lot of work, you can follow all the instructions here or anywhere else, but there is no guarantee it will work.

What will work is to keep doing it, and learning from your mistakes and try not repeating them is a direction that can provide results down the road.

At times we all need to walk away and allow our mind to regenerate the energy it takes to become successful with any business.

All the best, my friend, you will succeed.

ColtonJames Premium
Right on. I've been struggling with knowing how simple it has been for me in the past. I've got to lock in my goals and vision again... It's now or never to refocus and get things in order.

jfbmarketing Premium
Exactly, goals and affirmations are an essential part of our success; we have no idea what we are looking for without them.

Sometimes all we need is to reprogram our brain with positive affirmations that we want as part of our daily lives.

Not that simple, but useful once you do it daily.
Insightful. And thanks for answering me so honestly on my question. Very helpful.
ColtonJames Premium
No problem! Everyone here is super helpful. Creating a business through here is honestly really fun. I'd definitely just go with the base option if you decide to start out here. Get a specific passion and go through the courses, live chat is always there for questions or better yet the question threads you can create can help you along the way
philmedia Premium Plus
Look after yourself as well and remember sometimes we just need a break to see things clearly - and I know I do ! Take massive care Phil
ColtonJames Premium
Exactly. What I struggle with is knowing or at least perceiving that I've taken too long of a break. Just can't be too hard on myself is all! 👍