1 month here.

Last Update: November 25, 2017

Well I have been here for a month and I have learned alot so far .Still have alot to learn. I have had some trouble understanding some things and working on bettering them. My webpage i feel is a bit all over the place if yall would like to check it out give me some advide I woud love it. https://frogfitnessfun.com/ I hope you all had an amazing holiday.

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subcpo14 Premium
Congrats on your month Jay
mikewood1975 Premium
Hey Crystal,
I checked your site out. I have a couple of recommendations. If I were you I would not put my blog posts in your main menu. I would add a menu and put it in the blog side bar, you can name it "Articles", "Blogs", etc. and put all of your blogs there. Keep your Home, About Me, and Privacy Policy on your Main Menu at the top.
Another thing you are missing your affiliate disclosure. Where you get paid commissions from your adsense you need to have one to be compliant with FCC. You can go to my profile and see it on every page on my sites. Feel free to copy mine if you want to. I would add it in a text widget put into the blog side bar or in the footer so it will be on every page.
Codonoghue Premium
Thank you for the advice I will go do that . All help is appreciated. I learned a bit more about the menu tonight even though i watched the video a ton of times I watched a different one and finally figured it out.