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December 11, 2017
Today I am gonna try this I ran across see if it helps just another affiliate program. If any one has used them could you please let me know what you thought.
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Time to keep trucking just like this 105 year old check her out here
December 07, 2017
So far here on wealthy affiliate I have been here for a little over a month and I have done 3 course and working on the 4th. I have created a website I am learning about social media which is still hard to understand. I have 6 referrals that signed on one of my links I was just kind of playing around with sharing on facebook. My goals for the next 3 months coming up are to finish courses on both sides have 2 websites up and running and start to make at least $500 a
November 30, 2017
I finally made myself a schedule to follow by. I hope it helps me to not jump all over in here. I bounce around so much I only get little done here and there so I followed the advice of one of my fellow wa friends and created a schedule. Now lets see if I stay on track.
November 25, 2017
Well I have been here for a month and I have learned alot so far .Still have alot to learn. I have had some trouble understanding some things and working on bettering them. My webpage i feel is a bit all over the place if yall would like to check it out give me some advide I woud love it. I hope you all had an amazing holiday.
November 17, 2017
So far I have learned a lot. I got sick for a couple weeks so my progress went down but now I am back and ready to get posting. I admit I have had a tough time coming up with content how to write and what to write but I have learned that even if I have to take notes when I think of something and cant post it I i will write it down so I can look at it. It has really helped me. Well I hope yall the best of luck time to keep trucking
November 06, 2017
super excited just got google indexed . just keep working and you will get there
October 26, 2017
lots of stuff to learn like the lessons because they are so easy to follow. cant wait to officially finish my first web page and get it on google and get my first little bit of traffic
October 24, 2017
cant wait to learn more now