Tips for Newbies on how to succeed at WA

Last Update: April 01, 2017

Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion is the best online marketing platform and the best University for learning computer technology/ web literacy.

We all know there is a free membership, but it carries certain limitations. You should use that time to verify the quality of the platform.

If you can afford it and you are serious on building an online business, Pay yearly instead of monthly, not only would you save money, but there can be challenging times ahead doubts will occur, but that yearly premium is a psychological boost to your success and longevity.

I strongly suggest that even before you take the free membership; spend some time thinking about your niche and domain name. This is very important because it is not an easy process to change a domain name. I know the excitement can be great, but do not rush this step.

I wished I had seen a similar post before I started to build my first website, I would have saved myself some time and headaches.

We are all accustom to signing agreements; and you are invited to agree to the rules/terms and conditions before signing; Try to treat WA the same way, breaking the rules can cause you to loose important privileges.

Follow the certification courses step by step, no harm in watching each video at least twice and be sure to perform all the tasks set by Kyle.

Because I was new to the computer when I started, I actually watched some training videos as much as 5 times.

One of the great features of WA is the amazing helpful community; but you will find out as you proceed how limited time becomes; Yes you can ask any question and someone will respond.

There is a 90% chance that your question would have been asked several times before; help the community to help you by exhausting a simple process before you jump to posting your question to the community.

There is a window on the top of login page that address you personally followed by –search for help here- Post your question in that window and you should find the answer.

If perchance you cannot find what you are looking for, you are then invited to post your question to the community.

I hope this was helpful, especially, if you are a newbie.

Share your thoughts.

Soon come---

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Allie1 Premium
Yes, some of these points should be available to the very new people. I made several of these mistakes & trying to correct them when you have no clue how is very frustrating for someone thinking about joining WA. Maybe a good topic for Kyle to address as an introduction for Newbies??
codevonish Premium
Great idea; It is important to start out of the right foot.
immistermike Premium
Good idea, Allie! Go for it!
DebraScott Premium
Great post! And yes I would of loved to of read this post when first starting... I would of been ahead of the game. Debra
codevonish Premium
I too shared that experience.
iPhoneGirl Premium
Very good post and helpful reminder. I get ahead of myself sometime and post my question without really searching to find the answer first.
codevonish Premium
It's amazing how many times the same question has been asked and answered.
AGOgden Premium's April Fool's Day and I just don't know who or what to trust.
codevonish Premium
Yourself first.I thought that was for kids.