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April 29, 2021
My apologies for the long break from WA. Covid 19 is reaping havoc of biblical proportions all over the world. Until 2 weeks Anguilla had 2 positive cases both not of local origins.We are now in total lockdown except for essential services-6 am to 4 pm.Kudos to our healf authorities, Anguilla was No 1 in the world for Covid management. In less than 2 weeks we went from 0 cases to 62 due to a cluster supposedly originating from 1 visitor and 1 local. They are trying to bring the cluster under co
June 29, 2020
Apologies for my lack of activity from WA.I have finally retired from the mortar and brick business of the Devonish Art Gallery after 50+ years, and it's'website gallery is now under new ownership and management,with a contract to continue to marketing my current stock of artwork and creations in retirement.":Artists don't completely retire."I am very happy creating on my vacant lot, with the birds, bees and geckos parading before me every day begging to pose as models; ha
April 01, 2020
So many changes! The Devonish Art Gallery has been handed over to new management with a contract to continue marketing my creations. It would be a shame to waste the 50 years history.The gallery website also have a new administrator who you should hear from soon.Being in the gallery every day afforded me the time for the other 2 websites; now that I will be creating every day, there will be little time left for postings, The websites will remain for the time being.New paths are in the making,
January 15, 2020
I know I did take a short break, then extended it because of some unforseen circumstances, but what a drop in ranking frm 200+ to 3246.
January 11, 2020
Things are getting very busy for 2020, just received 2 invitations for exhibitions, one in London, and one in my home country of Barbados, I would love to close the Gallery after 50 years in operation, I am in the process of establishing outlets to handle my production, which I am enjoying, sitting alone in my studio, watching the birds and the bees, who fly very close but has not stung me so far; saw the biggest egret I have ever seen yasrerday.Unfortunanely there are some health issues, I j
December 28, 2019
Hoping a wodgerful Xmas was had by all, and 2020 will be the best ever for all; we need and deserve it.Sorry I will be extending my time out for a little longer. My son left for Canada today, we spent glorious times together alone on some of the best beaches in the world. He shared the good news that 2 of the artists he signed were nominated for awards, a Juno and a Grammy.My German Daughter arrives on Tuesday 31 for 2 weeks, and expects to be treated the same way.Work is also pressing, 1000 +
December 07, 2019
I am embarking on a first; part of my 50th Gallery Anniversary Celebrations, I am mounting an Exhibition in a supermarket on 14 t0 31 December. Taking art to the peopleAll energies are being devoted to the project, but will steal a little time in between.
December 03, 2019
Ever since an unfortunate incident at a family Xmas dinner when I was just age nine, Xmas was never the same, no fuss, no big thing, no joyful expectations.This year it will come in a gift I can fus about, my son is coming from Canada to be with us until 14 to 28 December, bearing good news, an entertainment Duo he manages has been nomimated for the Gramys.My professional dancing daughter is also coming from Germany for the New year, 31 Dec to 14 January, I wish she has a chance to perform li
November 30, 2019
After suffering my first stroke in 2013, out of sheer fear, I started to revert to my teaching days in the sixties in the UK; and tried to recreate exercises I prepared for my primary school students.Some of the exercises were published on one of my website to help other stroke victims;After referring a close American friend to my exercises, he sent me a similar exercise by a popular online games company, that shocked the hell out of me.My friends always tease me that I had no boy days, the on
November 26, 2019
Modern Technology never ceases to amaze me' the Google Maps technicien was legit; I did check him out and he delivered. You can never be too careful these days.The entire gallery is now featured on Google Maps, and I did receive some brief training on how to add new images to the map.When is live security coverage coming, or is it here already? What are your thoughts on this subject, and Privacy?