Last Update: June 29, 2020

Apologies for my lack of activity from WA.

I have finally retired from the mortar and brick business of the Devonish Art Gallery after 50+ years, and it's'website -devonishart.com.

The gallery is now under new ownership and management,with a contract to continue to marketing my current stock of artwork and creations in retirement.":Artists don't completely retire."

I am very happy creating on my vacant lot, with the birds, bees and geckos parading before me every day begging to pose as models; happily the bees has never stung me, I swear they think I am one of them, credit to the buzzing noise from my equipment.

Unfortunately I am unable to devote the time to the websites that being in the gallery afforded me.

The community interaction is sadly missed; the process of the ranking system is leading me to say goodbye to WA. those numbers are embarrassing. From the top 20 to 6226; but I fully understand.

Every thing I learned about online marketing and the computer was learned from WA and it's community; for this I am eternally grateful, and would like to thank the administration, special mention of -Site Support- and the community.

There is no greater joy than being alone for six to nine hours per day playing with clay or carving wood. A new website is being created--courtneydevonishart.com. I look forward to crossing paths in the future.

It was a pleasure and happy experience, and I continue o recommend the best hosting and learning platform on the Internet.

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LMH1968 Premium Plus
Excellent job
justcruzin Premium
I will miss you as will many. Wishing you the very best Courtney.
codevonish Premium
Many thanks. Stay safe
megawinner Premium
Great job! Florentino
Waldmann Premium
Enjoy retirement and being able to create for yourself. I hope your new site is a great success.