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Last Update: May 03, 2017

I found this very cool Facebook page plugin. It is called SM Facebook Page Plugin.
My first attempt with another plugin had a sticky web link from the developer to it.

This one however works fine and seems to be "clean".
I tried it on my website and it really works fine. It basically embeds your Facebook business page onto your website.
I parked it in the side panel of my website. My Facebook page now shows live in my side side panel. How cool is this?...

I find it much more attractive and effective than simply adding social media buttons.


Cheers :

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pablocortina Premium
A million thanks
DarleenP Premium
Thanks for sharing. I am bookmarking the page as I do want to try it in the future.
vlagattuta Premium
thanks for the share --
accad Premium
I hope I can try it in the coming days.
KMeyer Premium
Thanks for sharing.