What Is The Most Important Ingredient For Success in 2020?

Last Update: December 31, 2019

It is nearly 4pm as I start to write this blog post here in the UK. As 2019 recedes in the background, 2020 now beckons. What is the most important ingredient for success in 2020 as an Online Marketer?

Before I answer this question, I will ask you another question: have you set your goals for 2020 yet?

I believe that if you want to hit the ground running with your business, you should have set your goals for 2020 by now.

All my big goals are already written down.

I spent some time going over my progress in 2019 and worked out what I needed to focus on in 2020.

I already know what I should be doing to achieve those goals. What about you?

What do you see as the most important ingredient for your business success in 2020?

For me personally, it is very simple.

Let us allow the great Tony Robbins to articulate his thoughts on what it takes to be a success:

"I've found its 80% psychology and 20% skills."

So what he really means is if you want to be successful, you need to work on your mindset.

“People who fail, focus on what they have to go through; people who succeed focus on what it will feel like at the end.”

So your success in 2020 will require personal development, hard work, dedication and commitment to get to where you want.

Sell yourself the dream and focus on that: financial freedom and time freedom should be your target. Don't focus on the sacrifices and hard work you'll have to do to get there.

What are your thoughts on what it takes to achieve success in 2020?

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gerryheb55 Premium
Brick by brick John! One foot in front of the other my friend!

Happy New Year!

Gerry 👍🏻🎉
timstime20 Premium
It is an inside job....like Doug said .. keep building ....keep building... training at WA is best
Good stuff
DouglasPlumb Premium
Just keep building and building the training has put me on the right path to success. Happy New Year!!!
coach-john Premium
That's what we should all be doing Douglas: building and building. The training is first class. Have a great New Year.
anjumshahlla Premium
Great post! Setting goals and having fire of passion!
Stanleycmng Premium
BELIEVE and Begin with the End in Mind.