Guess what everyone! I have finally ranked in Google

Last Update: July 25, 2018

Position 2 on the 1st page of Google

I just about ended up in the ceiling, I was jumping for joy. I can only imagine what the neighbors garden service guys thought seeing this from over their wall.

First thing I did was pick up my phone.

There I was, standing in the middle of my lounge, not thinking twice I dialed my partners cell. Before giving him any chance to say hello or I’m busy with a photo shoot.

Then with a very excited and bouncy voice repeatedly saying;

“I have been ranked, I have been ranked!”

His first response trying to be funny was to reply in saying:

“YOU BEEN RANKED? oh no, that’s not good. Ranked in what? Isn’t your articles meant to be ranked and not YOU?”

So the very next thing I did was to start writing this blog, because I wanted to let my WA family know I have finally accomplished getting a ranking in Google. Okey I didn’t get the 1st position, but I made it in 2nd place on the 1st page. That’s still really awesome… well that’s just what I think.

Feeling so super chuffed right now, with no one home with me to celebrate, who better to celebrate this with than my WA Family.

Truly goes to show that with determination and good honest hard work, that your work will get seen. So for all those who are battling or just starting out here at WA (just like me), never give up, keep on with your training and keep posting content and never forget to keep going with site feedback and comments because without the WA family, things will be a lot harder on your own.

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wealthysage Premium
Congratulations and very well done!
gehnrhcomca Premium
Nice accomplishment!! That was not so hard was it!!! Keep going. Best Regards, George
MiaL Premium
Well done to you:)
davehayes Premium
Superb, the journey starts now, good luck
3tripleA Premium
Congrats Cathryn. It is surely onwards and upwards now. keep up the great work