Never say Never!

Last Update: February 17, 2021

So many 'Never's we hear throughout our lives.

Never give up. Never surrender. Never. Never. Never! - Sir Winston Churchill

At one of the most precarious times in our history. Giving up was not an option. I shudder to think if they had. Oh what a different world we would be living in now!

Never Quit!

Oh so many people give up and quit just inches from achieving their goals. They will never know how close they were to success only to be satisfied with failure and regret.

"It never rains in California..."

- the old Harry Nilsson song.

Never eat yellow snow. know why!

Never stick your tongue on a frozen pipe.

If you're a fan of "Christmas Story", you may remember poor Ralphy testing that theory. Good way to get your tongue stuck to a pole!!

It NEVER snows in San Antonio!

Never say Never!!!

Well it's been quite a while, like 40 years, but 6" of the white stuff is covering my yard. It came down so very pretty. White, quiet, shimmering... the stuff of story books. It was truly beautiful.

And then...(a requirement of any good story), the blackouts started. The city conducted rolling black outs to help ease the demand of power on the system. Power seems to be on for 15 minutes, tops right now.

Unfortunately, that is not enough time to make a grilled cheese sandwich, make a pot of chili or soup. Certainly not enough time to make enough water for a hot shower and not enough time to keep the house above 65 degrees. I have blankets at every window and door.

Oh so pretty. And oh, so cold! It was 8 degrees this morning. It never gets this cold!! And under that 6" of snow is a good 1+ inches of ice. San Antonio is a skating rink right now! Because this weather NEVER happens here. We don't have the tools or equipment to handle it. They may sand the roads a bit, but that doesn't help do more than make a mess.

Meanwhile, it's pretty. And cold. And white. And quiet. And did I mention cold?!

My 5 year old grandson made his first snow angel this morning when the snow was pristine. Took a while to get him all dressed up for the weather. He had a ball...until he got cold (about 10 minutes into snow play) and then he wanted to come in, covered head to toe in snow.

Back in the day, we would have just gotten all dressed, just to have to use the restroom before we went outside. I can still see my mom shaking her head. This morning, it was my turn. Oh, the rites of snowy mornings! I'm so glad Jack got to enjoy this at an age that he will remember this morning. And, of course there was fresh hot cocoa waiting for him when he came in and 'unsnowified' himself. Knowing the power would be in and out, I had hot water ready for oatmeal, cocoa, coffee and tea. I've done this rodeo...just not in San Antonio!

So much for never snowing in San Antonio!!!!

Right now, we are under another winter storm watch. Freezing rain and another round of snow is supposed to happen over night. This week, there has been very limited power. Thus, no cooking, no refrigerator, no internet, no cell phone service. Many are without water as well. We've been 39 hours and counting without power. The house is barely above freezing. My beautiful betta's are lost. My two beautiful blue lace parakeets are hanging on...barely. The city just changed the blackout protocol and this is the first chance I've had to finish this and potentially get it posted. I'm ready for sunny San Antonio to return!!! Hitting save and post before the power goes out again.

Stay warm, stay safe, and stay well, dear WAmily!

Cheers from chilli and snowy San Antonio!


P.S. I'll add picures soon. It really was pretty!!! But the pretty has been overshadowed by everything that has followed.

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
The sun will arrive and thaw things out
That first snow stays in our memories for ever.
drjec Premium
I hope the difficulties you are living through are quickly resolved.
Christorv Premium Plus
Ahh, I know right. I do remember Cruz ribbing New York when they had to ration power. Never say never indeed- of course only the good kind of never.

Never to failure, To Success!!!
CherryRed20 Premium
Stay safe, Christine.

I hope that the power will come back on.

Until then, isn't there a place in San Antonio where you can plug in your electronics? As well as using it for shelter or is it not possible?

I just thought I ask.

Stay Warm,
MnD Premium
We like the Christmas story and sticking the tongue to the pole trick. Test waters and new achievements.