It's not what you have

Last Update: February 26, 2021

Its how you use it.

We all live literally around the world. From Europe to Asia, Australia the the Americas. I think the only place I haven't met somebody from is Antarctica. It is absolutely crazy to think about. Our days are different. Our cultures are different. Our backgrounds are different.

Yet, here we are!

Where ever you're from, we all have access to this incredible platform. My WA is the same as your WA, and while there are membership tiers, what each of us has at what ever level we are part of, is the same thing as everybody else at that level.

What are you doing with it?

Are you going through the lessons? I have to say that some have been easier for me than others. Learning this tech stuff has been hard for me. But I power through!

Did you build out your web site? I have several. Each is a work in progress. I'm not sure you're ever done with a site. Some are in the grabbed the name status just to have it and others are further along, but they'll get there.

Finished the training? Great! Do the other side.

Each of us are here for our own reasons.

Whatever yours is, make sure your why is so strong and compelling that it almost makes you cry. If it isn't that strong, any little set back will literally set you back. Your why is the roots of growing and strength to withstanding the storms, trolls, doubters, and the time it takes to get it done.

Having a book and opening the book are two different things. And if you go as far as to read the book, you'll be miles further ahead.

Here you are. Here is your WA!

What are you doing to maximize the return on your investment?

Stay well and stay safe!

Cheers from San Antonio!


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Christorv Premium Plus
I call WA the great bonanza - apart from the hosting everything is give give give and keep giving- a great platform. So far I have almost always left WA in great spirits- what a great investment

San Antonio - I pray the snowpocolips has fully turned tail and run 🤣🌞

To maximizing our our gains on this platform and in our entrepreneurial journeys!!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Just the learning I get here everyday is a very nice ROI, Christine! Everything else is pure gravy, especially when what I came here for in the first place was the hosting!


P.S. I hope you all are recovering from the storm of the century down there! 🙏
1800CC Premium
Hello Christine.
I hope you have heat and water again. Hopefully no ridiculous electric bill either.
My WA purpose is similar. Make some money online, pay bills, get out of stinking debt, retire as early as possible, take some island vacations, help out some family members, go fishing and when I come to the end, die peacefully and happy. While sleeping in a hammock fishing near an ocean.
Be safe
Newme202 Premium
I always called this website the platform.with the added bonus.
The added bonus is of course the community
There is so much to gain from this community, the knowledge, the support and the learning
JeannineC Premium
We are indeed blessed to have this forum available to us, one and all. I love reading the variety of posts here, from newbies to advanced, and reading the answers that everyone so willingly shares. We have a great group here!