From the freezer to the oven

Last Update: June 16, 2021

It's been over 3 months since I posted here. Yikes! Yes, I'm still alive and involved. Since the big freeze in February, it's now summer in San Antonio. And with summer, comes the heat. Gee - such a surprise! It is Texas, afterall !!! Gotta love ERCOT - now they are saying they may not have the resources to deal with Texas summer. Uff da!!! Bought a generator just to make sure. Not going through that again!

But I had to take care of some business with my web sites and check some thing out on Jaxxy. Absolutely LOVE that resource. Saves a ton of time and $$. There are marketing agencies that charge to run keyword searches for businesses and here, we have access to our very own!! Thank you Kyle!!!

I plan to slowly creep towards post #200 over the summer. Been doing a lot of writing and work - just not within this direct platform. My venture with WA has springboarded into a whole rangeof additional opportunities that I'm working on. But I do miss my friends greatly and hope all are well. Of course, you can find me on FB as well.

Until then, stay cool, stay well, and stay productive!!

Hugs from Sunny San Antonio!!


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CherryRed20 Premium
It is great to have you back and hear from you again, Christine. 🙂

Best wishes,
annhariz12 Premium
Great to have you back, Christine.

I am also restarting and following up with my training at WA.

JeannineC Premium
Glad to hear that all is going so well! Looking forward to seeing you active on WA again!
Only1Hugh Premium
We miss you too Christine but it is wonderful that WA has provided has and continues to provide you with the tools to follow your passions.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
It is great to see you are leveraging your WA membership into other opportunities. That is another thing to love about WA. It is not limited to what you can do on the platform.

I hope you do not need the generator, but it is better to be prepared.