Do You feel Overwhelmed?

Last Update: May 11, 2017

When one starts their training journey with WA, one can not help but feeling overwhelmed with the training. I know I did!

There is so much to learn and keeping it all in your head is almost impossible!

Your new friends will be posting all kinds of ideas on how to do things and it is very easy to start adding on new projects (not related to your training) as you are continuing your training.

My advice to you, go through your lessons step by step and build your site as you learn from the incredible training and wait to add all of the things your new friends are telling you about. There will be plenty of time for that later after you do your training.

Keep it as simple as you can for your own sanity!

Hope this helps!

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EricCantu Premium Plus
Amen to this. I couldn't have said it better myself. Great advice, Clyde!
DebbieRose Premium
Yes it does. I also came to that conclusion. Reading all the posts is helping and encouraging. But, it also makes me feel like I don't know anything! So back to the training! Thanks for sharing. Debbie
MKearns Premium
Skipping ahead should also be a no no!
IlonaL Premium
That is just the way I have been feeling...
Have to do just trainings....but it's hard because all posts and blogs are interesting :) I have already much more wiser ...thanks to you :)