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Last Update: June 04, 2020

Hello WA members,

I hope all is well with everyone. I am doing well. Spirits are lifted high. I am very happy to have something to do while the country tries to get the Pandemic under control. Other final semester students are less motivated to study because we have no idea when we will be allowed back into the hospitals... but as strange as it may seem, having something else to keep me busy gets me into a very productive vibe and I end up studying more.
While others express how boring this quarantine is, I still feel like the days need a few more hours, so thank God for WA.

Buuuut that's not why we're here today, strayed there for a bit...

I was here trying to see how I could increase my sales and the journey took me over to Google Search Console to investigate exactly what keywords I am ranking for. I discovered a few keywords that could lead to direct sales but need affiliate links.

A quick example,

To my utter surprise, I am ranking on the first page of Google for the "replacement battery" for a product I reviewed over a year ago and my CTR is 100% for this Keyword. With a little research, I realized that people are having a hard time finding these replacement batteries in local stores.

Now, these batteries are very expensive and have the potential to generate a nice commission if I place the link in the article. Think about it, if you are searching online for a replacement battery that is near impossible to find in stores, you are likely to make a purchase am I right?

Anyways, I just wanted to drop by and remind everyone to scroll through that keyword list periodically so that you will know all the cards you are holding and play your hand accordingly. This could help you to:

  1. Optimize link placements
  2. Keep readers on your site longer by expounding on keywords that you did not intentionally rank for.

That's all I have for you today ladies and gents :)

Be safe and be well,


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CCelest Premium
Great info Crystal and nice work.
CLoney Premium
Thanks Carol
Makinitwork Premium
Thank you, great pointers. Jen
CLoney Premium
Thank you Jen. Happy you found it helpful
LMH1968 Premium
Great advice thank you for sharing
CLoney Premium
Thank you. Happy to share
sbarrow4 Premium
Crystal, thanks heaps for your wisdom. I am not quite at that stage but will save your info to use when I am.
Many thanks
CLoney Premium
Hi Stephen,

You're welcome. I'm sure you're working hard (and smart) at your content so no doubt you'll get there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
AlexEvans Premium
You will be very pleased Crystal, always pays to check you never know how the cards will fall.

Applying the correct knowledge and techniques they will start to fall how we want them to.
CLoney Premium
Right you are.
I am hoping "pays" will translate quite literally :D

Thanks for dropping by Alex :)
AlexEvans Premium
Classic Crystal, if we are on top of our games that chances are pretty high.

Best wishes.