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May 02, 2019
I have been at WA for approximately 11mths and what can I say the journey has been a roller coaster ride.... First I hate writing and I very often suffer from writers block syndrome. In order to get and article done I have to give myself that mental push But once i get to writing I'll write a significant amount. I havent started to earn from WA just yet but there is hope.. all my articles that I have written thus far has been indexed by Google... I am so looking for to making my first sale...
November 25, 2018
This has been my best year yet! I kid you not! WA is putting me through Medical School right now so big thanks to the WA team. My Website still needs improvement but it keeps bringing in the sales month after month. I just need to improve my publishing frequency and rinse and repeat on this new Website I just started.Loving the taste of success! Happy Holidays to everyone! (Mine will be spent in the delivery room, Obstetrics and Gynecology medical rotation, but I'm not complaining)P.S. Also, st
Was so excited to get my first wire transfer from Google Adsense. Yaaay! Until I found out that $30 was taken from it for what is labelled as commissions and some other taxes that added up to $40.00. Now I'm like, what is this life!!! Whyyyyyy????? So upset but there's nothing I can do about it. On the bright side, first Adsense Payout. Yoohoo!
May 30, 2018
Last time I posted it was to celebrate reaching $1000 in total sales. Now we are celebrating over a $1000 in sales in 1month! They just keep climbing! All thanks to WA! Can't wait to have my first $1000 day, which now I know is entirely possible. Just have to keep at it.- Crystal
Wooohooo! So, I just wanted to say thanks to WA for all the lessons and support thus far. I moved from basically 0$/month in Amazon sales to over $500/ month in 2 months. This was after adding some suggestions from WA live seminars by Jay and rearranging my articles to be more reader friendly as suggested by a fellow WA member. Will continue to work on my conversions!
YEssssssssMy articles are all moving up in ranking, Page 2,3,4,5.. and all moving up steadily! Some of them are ranked for different keywords under my niche. I did not even think of checking until I saw a random comment and realized that I had no idea where this traffic was coming from. I was not ranked highly for the exact keywords that I targeted so I made checks to see which keywords I was ranked for. I feel so nervous! I do not want to mess things up. I know how fragile ranking can be.But
I just started to get some natural traffic and comments on my New Website. Wooohoooo! Kyle's lessons are paying off nicely. Only made $3 in eBay Sales so far but I think this will increase as my site gets more popular!Big thanks to all my network who have chipped in to help.Marrion's lessons and comments especially, have played a huge part in the development of my Website.Hats off to everyone who answered all my silly questions in chat. You people are awesome. I see the light at the end of the
Our main goal, the number 1 reason we are all here, is to make money/more money from our Websites. For those of us with new Websites, setting weekly and monthly goals for our Websites are super important. I started doing this after I realized that I was doing a lot on my new Website but still I felt as if I was getting nowhere. I was doing a lot of nothing. These are a few pointers from a new strategy that has been working for me over the past few days. Here is my plan for the month of July.Tak
I found a great new niche but now I realize why it has low competition even though the keywords have high sales potential...............IT TAKES A LOT OF WORK!As I research more into my niche I am realizing that it takes a lot of research and ground work but the traffic and ranking potential is a plus. It keeps me motivated.Cheers to all my workaholics! Let's do this!-Crystal(Exit music - Rihanna "Work" ....P.S. what is that song even saying?)
It is good the way issues here get resolved quickly. Two years ago I had to create a double account because I could not access my old email and login info for WA. All my login data were on my previous laptop and it got fried. To get my login info, I created a new free account and sent a message to the support team to reclaim my account. They gave me the login info and I resubscribed and got back my old account. When I resubscribed again in April, I accidentally used the incorrect account as th