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Last Update: May 03, 2020

Hello WA friends

So I just want to drop a post here to tell everyone how important it is that we get with the program and stick to the program.

I have been 'on and off', 'in and out' re my Website. Now I am tryimg to swim back to the surface.

I have been trying to follow Jay's training (magistudios)and taking action as much as possible for the past 6 weeks re SEO.

Now, my site's average ranking has been going down by some wicked numbers. It has been moving down steadily from the 30s.

Must say, Jay, is the boss.

At first, it felt like I was spending all my LIFE modifying my posts but it was worth it.

Yesterday I moved from 25 to 16 and the visitors are flowing in too. I still have a lot of work to do but I will keep updating this post as my site goes down or up.

So here are 5 takeaways from what I learnt in the past few weeks WA friends

1. Attend the live training Webinars and if you miss one, go back and watch the recorded version.

2. Take action.

Do not let the training go through one ear and come through the other. If he says Jump, ask how high. If you doubt what he said, querry.. but whatever you do, at the end of it all, TAKE ACTION.

3. Set goals

To date, I have planned up to my next 55 posts. I take one day out of the week just to research keywords for my upcoming posts and then add them in my schedule. I must say, it feels so good whenever I strike something from my list.

4. Be consistent.

Consistency has always been my problem where my Website is concerned but Jay gave me a swift kick in the *** when he said something in one of the old sessions " Don't leave and do nothing, and then say Jay's training is not working"

5. Less is more

When you go down the wormhole of plugins, you need to check yourself. When you find something that works, stick with it. I went down that rabbithole and came up with multiple errors in search console. I had to just go back and uninstall, which then messed with the flow of some of my posts, which i had to edit. Sooooo that was a lot of unnecessary work.

That's it for now WA friends. Will keep you posted but remember

Take action. Be consistent. Stay positive. Stay strong. Stay focused. Grow.


UPDATE: 03/05/2020

Average position 14.2

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Sui_generis Premium
Perfect motivational blog, Crystal. Jay's training is awesome. He's not only knowledgeable but personable. Great combo!

CLoney Premium
I agree. Entertainment while learning. We couldn't ask for much more
JohaneG Premium
Excellent post and thank you for sharing.
CLoney Premium
My pleasure
Hi can you help me?how to earn in this site?
CLoney Premium
You seem new here. Have you watched any of the training videos?

If not, I suggest that you get started right here
Thank you so much❤️
CLoney Premium
Anytime buddy. All the best