New year resolutions!

Last Update: January 08, 2017

I have to apologize ahead because I will be writing this blog to remind myself about what I need to do starting this year.

It's a new year for us all but what we need to do is start fresh this new year.

Write everything you have learned in the past year and compile it into a note or even blog.

Write down all those disappointments and failures and everything that is bringing you down! Crumple it and Throw it away! It's a new year! A fresh start! but keep the list of what you have learned in those failures! leave whats keeping you down in the past year and live this year as a clean slate.

That is what I have been doing so far and it has worked wonders!

I also got myself a planner for this year and wrote down all the things that I want to do for my site. Having a schedule and following it strictly will make my life more organized, I don't have that problem in thinking what to do today or tomorrow.

If you guys have any suggestions on how to make life much easier while multi-tasking your day-job, website and other priorities please do give some suggestions I would love to hear it!


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MKearns Premium
Congrats on your resolutions Clark!
ClarkTan Premium
Thanks Mkearns! It's really not easy to be successful.
HarveyBrown Premium
Planning is such a crucial part of our lives although most of us do not believe that we do it. Thank you Clark.
ClarkTan Premium
It does. Without planning everything will just break lose and the next thing you know it's out of your control already.
PMbaluka Premium
At this time you need to make your priorities right. After that make achievable goals, both long term and short term. Try to be as focused as possible.
ClarkTan Premium
I totally agree with you PM. Thank you for your advice!