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Other business making false claims?

Other business making false claims?

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WA Affiliate Program

Hi. I came across a website called arbor-academy. (I had typed in 'wealthy affiliates' to get to you). They had a website title that said 'Don't Join Wealthy Affiliates" and an

When I first joined in 2019 it was for sure outdated. But just because it was outdated doesn’t mean that it wasn’t useful, or that I didn’t learn anything. It was truly life changing for me. There are so many courses on this platform, whatever you feel is updated I’m almost sure someone else has done seminar or have done some class on said topic.

there are no refunds...
its in the terms and conditions..which you read before you signed up.....didn't you...
the reasoning behind this is that affiliates are paid monthly only one month behind ...so any money paid to affiliates would need ot be recalled....
a better system would be to have a 30 or 60day refund and pay affiliates 30 or 60 days behind for any refunds to take place...but not my platform....
there is training which is six years old and appears outdated, but the overall program still works...
most training programs struggle ot keep up with the massive changes occuring.....
but apparently the training si being updated over the next few months.....
but this training is what you make of it...
if you follow it blindly then you need to ask yourself what you are going to do after level 5...stop or keep looking for opportunities to improve your business...
if you take it as guidance and do some research on the latest programs or techniques then you won't go far wrong...
good luck Clair


Training is updated all the time, if you see something out of date you can request an update top.

You may also have a look at below blog post from Kyle

Subscriptions are non refundable as per terms and conditions, however you may write to

Billing Inquiries

And explain your circumstances.

I think the training is fantastic. I was just curious about those two points, but the reason I posted this is that I think it is unfair that this arbor-academy is posting false information on his website about WA, and I wondered whether they are allowed to do this? I guess that many websites probably do this though, and its just the way it is sadly.

That's awesome I am glad you are enjoying the training here.

Would be nice to hear how you are getting along. Much obliged and best wishes.

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