My Progress at WA

Last Update: May 25, 2017

Progress so Far

I joined WA in Sept. of 2016 and upgraded to Premium in Oct. Best move that I ever made. I have learned so much from the great training here. I have about 30 posts and 30 pages on my instructional website on home repairs:

I made my first sale in March, but was not all that excited because the purchase was unrelated to my site. Still, a sale never the less. I have completed most of the first 2 Courses of training (I still need to add more photos to some of my posts), and have been working hard on my site, posting about 2 new posts a week.

I have received a couple of positive comments on my site, but would appreciate more, if you have the time. I have recently been working on my Google+ contacts, and will continue to do so.

I have recently been spending a fair amount of time on Live Chat, helping anyone out that I can, with the knowledge that I have learned so far. I will also be continuing my training, as I am eager to learn more.

My goals for the next 3 months are:

  • continue to post at least twice a week
  • add remaining photos to all of my content
  • continue working Google+
  • tweak my site

In addition to the above, my goals for the next 6 months are:

  • Begin earning a good amount of income from my 1st site
  • Start a 2nd site promoting WA

In closing, I will say this: I searched the internet for years on how to make money online, tried a few moderately successful ideas, but was never really satisfied on my progress. One day, I decided to search for: 'legitimate ways to make money online', and what pops up, but WA.

Although skeptical at first, since I had been running into so many scams, I took the time to thoroughly research it, and was impressed. I decided to give it a try, and have never looked back. So glad to be here, and I look forward to much success in the future.

Thanks Kyle & Carson for everything!


CJ Dodaro

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RoyBaxter Premium
Enjoyed reading "My progress at WA." Thanks for the times you have helped me out, CJ.
CJDodaro Premium
Always glad to help. That's what it's all about.
Emeolu Premium
Very good. I am so proud of you.
CJDodaro Premium
Well thank you. I appreciate that. Best of luck to you!
markr0675 Premium
Way to go CJ. Sounds like you have a rhythm to stay busy.
CJDodaro Premium
That's what it is all about: a rhythm. I am usually at it everyday.
Best of luck to you in all that you set out to do.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Nothing to worry about here, WA just gives us the tool to become successful, it our choice to decide continue. Best wishes
CJDodaro Premium
You are completely correct. Best of luck to you in all that you set out to do.