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August 22, 2017
Well, I just became an official ambassador here at WA. Worked my way down to just below 150. I enjoy helping people, as many did for me when I just started out. We are all in this together. We really have a great community here! My sincere thanks to all that have helped me. Now it's time for me to pay it forward some. Best of luck to all. Keep plugging away. Success is just around the corner!Update: Apparently the message that I received about becoming an Ambassador was merely a glitch in the
July 15, 2017
Hello,Just a little note to let you all know of my recent success. I have just reached the 200 Rank here at WA! I will continue to be active and see how far I can go!CJ Dodaro
May 25, 2017
Progress so FarI joined WA in Sept. of 2016 and upgraded to Premium in Oct. Best move that I ever made. I have learned so much from the great training here. I have about 30 posts and 30 pages on my instructional website on home repairs: https://helpmefixhome.comI made my first sale in March, but was not all that excited because the purchase was unrelated to my site. Still, a sale never the less. I have completed most of the first 2 Courses of training (I still need to add more photos to some