WA's UI scrunched up? Alter your browser's zoom!

Last Update: August 16, 2018

I like to use Chrome for editing my site, but ever since WA changed to its new format I had the problem you see in the image. The left sidebar is all scrunched into the main body! I didn't have that problem with Firefox, so I assumed it was a Chrome thing.

However, I fixed it just now by zooming out a bit in Chrome. After setting the zoom to 90%, everything fits! All fixed and wonderful again. So if you ever have that problem, there you go.

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bpais1 Premium
Zoom is a great thing, Robert. As I get older, it helps my reading ability to see text a bit larger than normal.

I can either zoom in and out using the "customize and control" - 3 vertical dots in the upper right side of my browser - or, I can do it by holding down the "Ctrl" key and tapping either a "-" (makes it smaller or a "+" (makes it bigger).