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Awesome View from the Top! And Who Is Doug? Awesome View From the Bottom!Some of you who follow me may know I have worked helping disability clients all of my adult life. I have seen many unfortunate health scenarios fall upon individuals of all ages and walks of life. Many are not able to overcome their circumstances for a variety of reasons, by no fault of their own. Obviously, one doesn’t have to work in the field of disability to see these sorts of circumstances fall u
I get quotes of all kinds daily. I feel pretty certain most of us do as well. I admit I do get tired of inspiration overload and will occasionally take a day off from it and some days I just want to go throw up if I see or have to read another inspirational quote of the day. Nonetheless...most days I try to take heed to all the philosophical and creative "spiritual" souls out there than know more than I and find most of the time, the "brainy" quotes to be true, when applied. I received a qu
February 03, 2018
I wanted to write this post because I spent a fair amount of time last night working on figuring out how I could add Call to Action strategies to my website targeting potential WA members. My niche website has nothing to do with building an online business or earning passive income from affiliate marketing. In spite of this I am hell bent on finding a crafty way to connect with readers in this direction. What I ended up deciding to do was to pose my call to action phrases in the form of ques
November 25, 2017
OK Folks! Get on board! I bit the bullet! Yearly Premium Member! Boom! ;-) Go For It and Rock On!!Invest in yourself! You're worth $299.00 a year! Bring it!
This year has been a doozy for me in terms of musical icons passing away. Della Reese, Tom Petty, Malcome Young, even David Cassidy and recently Mel Tillis! Come on! They will NEVER be replaced as far as I am concerned! I know I am leaving a few more out as well. Sad, Sad! RIP!I reflect on this because I have always considered them part of my "Traveling Buddies". I have done quite a bit of traveling for my work and still seem to be doing a fair amount of it today. When traveling I listen
Spring forward and Fall back!Daylight savings time ends at 2AM Sunday morning. Those of you still awake, don't forget to set your clocks back tonight before going to bed. It is 11:37PM here where I am in the U.S.. Normally I am in bed well before now but it is Saturday night and I keep telling myself I have an extra hour! I'm in Kentucky working and I am missing home in Florida terribly. My dogs, my chickens, my ducks and my front porch with a view in the evenings!We either get an extra ho
I haven't been a big fan of the Social Media platforms in the past but I am warming up to it. I'm told it is necessary if I want to make better progress with my website goals. I do see the value in it. Given that, I have been perusing around the net reading up on how to make the best of social media. There have also been some very helpful posts I have read here on the subject.I received an email yesterday with what appears to be a handy little tool for optimizing your social media messages.
I received a message this evening when attempting to reply to a comment that I have received a badge for reaching rank 200 and message encouraged me to share!Sooo....I am sharing! I hope that I can contribute enough here to make me an "Even Steven" and worthy of an honorable mention of something. I am working hard and hope to have something to offer of more value very soon. Either way, I support everyone here in your efforts and no matter what the rank, you are all worthy of mention and atten
Today's Song of the Day will be short and simple! I attempted last night after spending quite a bit of time preparing a blog to post for another song just to find out I could not post it for reasons I won't go into...Our friend here EricPierre..who helped give me advice for posting youtube videos that will actually stay in my blog after publishing...posted "Today in History, July 10, It's Been A Hard Day's Night" it was very interesting information. follow through on his post and
July 08, 2017
Hello everyone. I have missed the past 3 days for my Song of the Day..(You can thank me later)… ;-)As the few of you that read my previous Song Of The Day posts will know, I had to leave town for a bit of work. Because of that I haven’t had a chance to post or work on my lessons at WA for the past 3 days. I have however; found time to read others posts, questions and information sharing and throw in my usual 2 cents worth of responses here and there.One thing that has stood out