Guaranteed success Right, dream on!

Last Update: November 30, 2016

If we all had a guarantee to be successful at WA, at our brick and mortar, at school, in life ~ we wouldn't need anything else, would we?

I've been here one month and there's no guarantee I'll be successful and making money any time soon. But the road I'm traveling to turn that "anytime soon" into "it's happening" is what I'm working towards.

For the skeptical and the discouraged, keep training and work at your business. Kyle and Carson does not guarantee you instant success. The Ambassadors and premium members do not guarantee you success. So, if it's not happening now, don't blame them.

WA is school. It is a learning platform. You learn and you apply. If you get stuck, we are here to help. Use it.

Anywa, I was always told that if I got a college degree, I would be guaranteed success. What? That is such a myth. Unless you are studying to be a doctor, lawyer or some concrete profession, a degree doesn't matter. I still had to get a job unrelated to my degree and be trained to do what I do now.

Some people go back to school to get an MBA or whatever so they can get a better job. That's how many thousands of dollars more? But that extra schooling may or may not guarantee you anything more.I don't know. I'm not discouraging further education but I just don't see the value in that.

WA is my education right now. I pay about $25 month (got the Black Friday special) and I get a wealth of training. My website is looking great and I get it. I get the training and I get what I'm supposed to do. And I feel so confident that in a matter of time, I will have built a LONG-TERM business online and I'll be able to see its fruits.

So no guarantees. Just training, confidence and hard work.

Thanks for reading!

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RHBarlow Premium
Back to School!
MPollock Premium
Also a very good price for education.
Ultimateless Premium
I wish you all success here and you are right, we take responsibility for our own lives, no one makes or breaks us we have the joy of doing that ourselves.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
After reading your title I had to go back and read your profile to learn a little about you. You seem to have focused in the right direction but I disagree with several points. WA is a social platform. It is not a school. You can fail in a school. The business of WA was to collect premiums from its customers. Kind of like an insurance company. Second thing I disagree with education. I have many degrees in various subjects including an MBA. To me it is just a point of accomplishment and it provides knowledge that people without that level of education do not have and are totally unaware that they don't have. I try not to look down on anyone but I am human and that is a human Frailty. I did take an online marketing class at Carbon Copy Pro. You could fail that class and it was online through a MLM company. They made their money through selling products not by getting you to continually pay membership fees. Thirdly the ambassadors are the people who spend the most Time online through WA. They are not the most knowledgeable or successful people as you can tell by some of the advice that they give but they do try. I can say this because I was once an ambassador. I have people who depend on me for income so I can't afford to waste that much time again in an area that does not generate income but I do enjoy wealthy affiliate. These last 3 days I have wasted lots of hours. It says I have posted nearly seven hundred and fifty blogs. I know the first time that I left WA I deleted two hundred blogs. I had a master plan however I had to get another platform to implement that plan but I am still going to do it and it should generate many thousands of dollars per month. I did learn WordPress from wealthy affiliate. And then I enhanced it. When I started working with the US government they took my Elementary School level and shot me up to college-level in WordPress. You show an unusual maturity. I think after you've been here a while your views will change.

This is a very nurturing environment for people who have not accomplished a lot in life and I like that. No matter how poorly you do there's always someone to give some type of encouragement. Some of the other groups I am a part of will rip your heart out if you can't cut it. They are as harsh as the real business world. WA is the kind of Common Core place that you get a trophy even if you come in last.
Cindy624 Premium
Hey, thanks for your feedback. Everyone has their opinion about WA and I consider it my school because I'm getting education on how to build a business. It is not for everyone. Some people will drop out and some people will succeed. I'm just saying I'm putting in the time to build my business. Before I joined, I had no idea - clueless.

MBA'ers no offense. Hats off to you. Education is important in every aspect. My parents drilled it into me. Education is key.
But whether you go to college or not, go further in your education or not, it's all good. Different strokes for different folks. We get our education in many different ways, not just through getting a degree.

Yep, you are right. WA is a business. And I'm paying for a service they provide.

Anyway, thanks for your reply. It's good to read your opinion.


rabinsmadre Premium
Thank you for this post. Love it! I think so many people are focused on the the "get rich quick" schemes that they miss the point of building a solid foundation and letting it reward you. It may be 6 months or more but solid.
Cindy624 Premium
Thanks for reading! I know. There are a lot of desperate people trying to hit the jackpot and I get it . But you are so correct - solid foundation and the rewards of our hard work is far more satisfying, isn't it! Thank you for commenting! I'm following you!