It's taking shape!

Last Update: April 12, 2014

My webpage is taking shape! Once I get the comments sectioned incorporated, I will publish it! I am finding Wealthy Affiliate program to be so much fun that I completely lose myself to it! I was surprised to find out that I have skipped ahead on my bootcamp training even though I'm trying to meticulously stick to the training! I'm just going to sit back, go through more of the training and wait to catch up with myself!

I'm finding that even when I'm not in front of the computer working on this site, thoughts will pop into my head about new keywords, new ideas for new webpages. I've just given up and started writing this stuff down to work on at a later date.

The way I learn, I have to get through all of this initial traiining, before I start another project. That would end up confusing me.

Happy trails, my friends! Remember to smile and have some fun!

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Androo63 Premium
Good to see that you're making progress. I know what you mean about ideas just popping out when you're not in front of the computer. Once you start this your brain seems to go into overdrive.
Pro2100 Premium
We all look forward to your site. Good luck with a Smile.
DNave Premium
Congratulations! I agree, it starts taking over all your thoughts. I find myself not only thinking of ideas for my present website, but new ideas for new sites. I don't want to start them, though, until my present one is successful. I'm trying to take it one training at a time, also. Good luck.