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Forming strategic alliances with other successful bloggers is a smart business move. Plus, it can be very rewarding and fufilling. What I'd like to do in the paragraphs below is share 7 simple things you can do to connect with other bloggers. They are listed in no particular order. # 1 Form a Mastermind TeamOne of the best things you can do is form your own mastermind team with 2-5 other bloggers. I have my own mastermind team where I connect with several other bloggers and we share ideas about
Here are 20 simple offline strategies to promote your website. Not all of these techniques will apply to every niche, but some will. They are listed in no particular order. Radio interviewPublic SpeakingFlyersBusiness CardsClothing (with your URL on it)Custom stationeryDrop CardsMeetup GroupsCar Sticker or Car MagnetBandit SignsGuest contributor to newspaper or magazinePostcardsMagazine or newspaper adsContests, raffles and giveawaysWord of MouthFundraisersLocal events (flea market, health fair
Here is my best advice on what to do AFTER you publish a blog post. 1. Share it on Facebook2. Share it on LinkedIn3. Provide 1-2 comments on other other blogs that link back to your new post4. Email your list to share your new post5. Turn your content into a video, publish it on YouTube, and link back to your original post6. Take the key points from the post, turn it into a Power Point Presentation, and upload it to Slide Share7. Search through one of your older posts and put an internal link t
By day, I am a network marketing professional. No, I'm not here to pitch you. I want to share a valuable lesson I learned many years ago that has really helped me out. I know it can help you as well.We have a respect trainer in the MLM industry, Eric Worre, who shares the 1-3-5-7 formula. This rule is for the "estimated timeline of success" in your business.In a nutshell, he says that:It takes about 1 year to learn the basic skills in any business.It takes about 3 years of working a business pa
Opposites attract! Ever noticed that?In many cases, when one spouse wants to start a home-based business of any kind, the other spouse is EXTREMELY negative and unsupportive, for whatever reason.If you have a supportive spouse, consider yourself blessed. You are one of the few. If your spouse is skeptical, negative, or unsupportive, this is what I suggest.1. Take your business seriously. This is the most important thing you can do because if you quit, you prove them right. Show them you are COM
I just wanted to share a free plugin I recently found and started using. It's called "Ad Inserter". It lets you add banner ads, text ads, Amazon ads, or Adsense to your website in different locations, all with the click of the button. I found it very helpful and wanted to pay it forward. If you're looking to put advertising or affiliate links on your site, it's very helpful. As a disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with the owners of this plugin.
Just wanted to do a quick survey and ask how many affiliate programs you promote on your website and how many of those income streams do you make money with each and every single month?I have about 40 income streams on each of my websites (about 80 total) and around 25 to 30 give me a check every single month.
What you will read below is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION every blogger should ask themselves when they first get started."Did I start my website to MAKE MONEY TODAY or to build an asset that provides me an ongoing income AFTER it is built?"A JOB is designed to provide immediate income, but an asset is not. An ASSET is something you build over a period of time. You don't make much money at first, but as it grows it can provide you a stable and predictable ongoing income for many months or years t
What is your big # 1 goal for the month for your website? In other words, if you only accomplished one thing this month, what would it be?My goal is to publish 10 blog posts.
Here are five things I think you should have in every post. 1. A beautiful graphic - something orginal, with your logo and URL on it.2. A quote - Put it in the quotations mark that WordPress lets you do, so it is big and sticks out. Or, put it on a graphic.3. A call to action with a suggested resource at the end of your post recomending something relevant for the reader to buy.4. A relevant video, because it keeps people on your page longer.5. At least three internal links to other interesting