Slow down and.

Last Update: January 10, 2020

Smell The Roses

What does that even mean?

Every one is in such a hurry these days with busy schedules at work, and meetings after work.

No time to prepare meals because we've got to pick up the kids and run them across town for soccer practice, dance, martial arts and whatever else, so we go through the fast food. They call them fast food but I've found myself complain about it taking so long (lol).

It's the same on weekends we're off to kids ball games, recitals and tournaments on Saturday and then church on Sunday morning and meeting up with friends Sunday afternoon.

Take Your Time

Take your time and enjoy the little things all around you, your spouse, your kids, and time together. Take the time to notice every little thing, the things your spouse and kids like, what makes them happy, the foods they like. Take your time so that you don't miss something important

That's enjoying the journey, that's smelling the roses and enjoy sing "getting to know you, getting to know all about you".

It's The Same

Don't rush through the training here at Wealth Affiliate, take your time.

Just like in life if you rush through your going to miss something important, only in life you might not get to go back and correct it.

Recently I was having to go back and find what I had missed and it was a single sentence that unlocked everything right in front of me, if I would have just taken my time I would not have lost a week of aggravation.

I've acted like a hare running down every path except the one I was supposed to be on, kind of like a kid in a toy store, just so many things to touch and look at.

Well enough of my ramblings, I'll say good-by for now and I hope ya'll are staying more focused than I.

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ExpatMark Premium
I read somewhere that few weeks ago that Americans spend less time preparing meals than most other countries. Ukraine and India were the top two for spending the most time. I do know that. And I will personally vouch for Ukraine. There is always something in the oven there. I cannot wait to get back.
Ukraine sounds like my kind of place
Ryan4488 Premium
Sometimes one must be the Hare and others times the Tortoise!
Yes unfortunately it dose happen
Mick18 Premium
Thanks for the great advice. We need to slow down sometimes.
Have a great weekend,
Thanks for reading, have a great weekend Mickey
CathyAllen Premium
I have the opposite problem. Plenty of time for idleness and procrastination. I have to remind myself that there is important work to be done.
Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts
drjec Premium
I tend to make too many commitments causing me to rush. Thanks for the advice.
It's sometimes hard to say NO, been there done that and NO I didn't get a T-shirt, hahaha thanks for reading and commenting