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I wanted to present this as a question to the community but as we cannot attach images to questions (i really think this should be incorportated by the way) I needed to do it as a blog.This image has been taken from my Google Search Console... and I was wondering why my coverage has dramatically dropped... does anyone know what this means exactly?As you can see from the photo.. there are 387 valid pages but none of them have errors. I have always done what I have done with no issues in the past
Is this success? I think soOn many occasions i have checked out other peoples blog posts... and also on many occasion I have seen very little going on in the way of engagement and comments. This goes for blogs here on WA and others outside I have seen.I have always taken heed of the training here and have taken commenting very seriouslyWith that... I now have 2000 comments on my site.. and believe me, my traffic reflects it...I have made a lot of effort to be engaging both on my blog and social
After the Live WAbinar with Jay ... I wanted to ask something.I have lots of pages and posts on my site... a lot of them are indexed ... I can see them in my sitemap .. I can see them on my stats within the search console (with impressions and clicks) .. I can see them in my Analytics when it comes to visitors etc etcSo why in my site content I get the readings on the image above.... 0 Indexed in Google? Does anyone else have this reading within WA Site content... Do I need to worry here?Thanks
I am happy to report... after putting a lot of effort into my site and social activity, that my Facebook Fan page now has 1000 page likes.A lot of the followers are organic as I have put a link to my FB on my website. It has worked wonders...A lot of followers have also come from you guys here within WA... and I wanted to say thank you for your help. I am really getting ahead now.I would love more of you to join me of course... and will always be happy to help you out too whenever you need it :
August 23, 2017
Once again in the top 200 ..... I keep hovering above and below :)Hope everyone is fine :)Chris
Although not all of my followers on my Fan Page are from WA... many are :) so I wanted to say thank you for your support..Getting over 300 Likes to this platform is quite an achievement for me.. but I am not stopping here..I hope many more come to follow and like my material .. but for those who have already done it THANK YOU ... it means a lot to me!ThanksChris
Sorry for not asking this as a question but I needed to include an image.,... so had to make it as a blog instead.I had the following display on my GWT display.. saying that the spiders had problems crawling my site due to this error... Robots.txt FetchWhat can i do to sort this out?Any ideas?PS The Image does not seem to be displayed here either lol .. nightmare!!!
I opened my analytics this morning to find the following prompt!From there i clicked the Details Tab and was given this information below!Anyone had this before? Or does anyone know what i need to do to resolve the issue?I would appreciate advice from anyone with any ideas :)ThanksChris
Look at the image if you do not mind and tell me what you think...I keep being told by this webpage .. and members here that I need to get rid or cut down on CSS and Java Script... it slows down the site... and it not recommended...Does anyone have any idea what it is all about and how to fix it? is it a plug I need or do I need special programming skills? Is it even important?ThanksChris
December 20, 2016
Got my second site up and running. Been doing it for around 1 week now!Google indexed it yesterday - so far so good :)Pretty much enjoying it but been swamped with work with getting it all set up!I would love some of you to come and take a look and let me know what you think of my progress so far!Much appreciated!Chris :)