First Indexed site, First Blog Post on WA

Last Update: November 22, 2020

Hello WA,

As the title says this is my first blog post on Wealthy Affiliate. In addition today is also my second month on this platform- something worth of celebrating

Before continuing I will first like to say that unlike most here I joined WA for a most unique goal - to get affordable web hosting (for that I thank @TDenise whose video on Youtube touted the benefits of WA hosting). Increased mark up in hosting prices after the first year from virtually all other hosting services was quite the downer. Anyway, that's because for my foray into online entrepreneurship my primary interest was not affiliate marketing but Rank and Rent Lease Generation. I have owned and hosted a website before before selling it off for a few dollars so I knew beforehand that with premium membership (which came with hosting for 10 sites, word press, research tool (Jaaxy), etc) this place will serve my needs best.

I had already known about WA since I did a lot of reading on many online business models for over a year (Amazon FBA, shopify, etc)- so with a rank and rent model where the course I was taking recommended a few niche sites per locality to increase the probablility of success, WA was seemingly a great fit after a lot of research on hosting and other costs down the line.

Second and most importantly, with such a large community (my original site was a community based forum using vBulletin software), it was a no brainer that I anticipated venturing into affiliate marketing. And thirdly, I figured I would eventually meet someone here who has already done this rank and rent model before for guidance or help. Anyway, I will end this here- I have ended up taking too long and writing more than I planned. For now, here is a brief of my progress on WA.

(I) I have completed all lessons on the Online Entrepreneur training course (50 lessons worth)- will most probably have to go through them again- finished too quickly I suppose

(II) I have built three websites and one is indexed- two for some reason are still not, despite registering them on Google console and installing Analytics. Anyway, I will most definitely be outsourcing building websites from scratch in the future- it took too long for a side hustle

(III) For the next 3 months I intend to optimize all of my sites and rank them organically via SEO and other approaches (though I am not sure a rank and rent site requires regular article posting in lead generation niches so this might be really hard). In 6 months I hope to have my sites fully optimized and hopefully on google and other search engine's 1st pages. And hopefully with clients in the bag

Without further ado, here are my three sites (removed and added to my profile under Follow Me On instead of here, thanks for the alert guys).

Anyway, am glad to have joined WA. I will be building my first affiliate site soon and any help will be duly appreciated. Of course, if there are any rank and rent local lead generation afficionados here please do send me a DM. Any tips on getting those sites indexed will be welcomed as well.

Very glad I joined WA and will hopefully go premium plus soon.

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BrightSales Premium
Congrats on getting your first site indexed by google. The W.A. community is happy to have you as a member. I'm sure you will get things rolling as soon as you master your training here. Overall, I think you will to be successful on your intended goals as you take actions to make them happen. Thanks for sharing friend. All the best!
Christorv Premium Plus
Appreciate the good wishes, thanks BrightSales
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Great job!
Keep at it!
Joes946 Premium
Awesome Chris!
Great post
JohnAitken1 Premium
You are working hard Chris!
YvonneBray Premium
Well done you have made great progress!