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This is going to be short. I was going to say "I am back folks", but couldnt since I come online regularly but just dont post. I am on a sabattical - its been seven years after all. So I am being monitored like a hawk to stop working hahaha. However, before the sabbatical I had promised myself that if I manage to cultivate my first 100 subscribers I will make a post, rain or shine. So here it is. It has taken a bit of time but it is done. I never expected it so soon since I had only two subsc
Hello WA,As the title says this is my first blog post on Wealthy Affiliate. In addition today is also my second month on this platform- something worth of celebratingBefore continuing I will first like to say that unlike most here I joined WA for a most unique goal - to get affordable web hosting (for that I thank @TDenise whose video on Youtube touted the benefits of WA hosting). Increased mark up in hosting prices after the first year from virtually all other hosting services was quite the do