Another Milestone!

Last Update: February 15, 2021

Hi All,

I just completed Level 4! I am very excited to start Level 5! I also joined the Premium plus today to get all the extra benefits. I wanted all the tools at my disposal if I am going to be successful. Thank you all for your help and support thus far in my journey with WA!

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JeannineC Premium
Congratulations! You are indeed working your way steadily through all the lessons. You'll surely have the success you want one day!
1800CC Premium
Congrats Christine.
Keep plugging along with the training.
Be safe
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very well done, Christine! You are moving right along!

Godstrong Premium
Wow. One seeing how far more to go. Congrats and best of lucks as we come far behind you.
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Many congratulations Christine for your fantastic accomplishment of finishing level 4!

All the best moving ahead with level 5.