The Best Lesson I Have Learned At WA

Last Update: June 12, 2012
It is funny, but the best lesson I have learned here at WA is not about SEO, PPC, Blogging, or even how to earn more money online. Instead it is the lesson that is ignored by too many internet marketer wannabe's.

Show Me The Money

We too often concentrate only on how much money this will make or how that technique will increase our ctr. WA has taught me that this is sure-fire way to fail--eve if you make a lot of money doing it.

Instead WA has taught me to focus on value. Create something valuable to yourself and others and success will come.

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Visions Premium
I like that. Good message.
Labman Premium Plus
Good for you, you got the message! Create a good experience for your user and you will have much better luck connecting with them.
veronica.l Premium
It sure is a valuable lesson, focus on value and the success will come!