From Wordfence: 404 to 301 Plugin Considered Harmful

Last Update: August 17, 2016

Just wanted to pass along a warning from Wordfence about the 404 to 301 plugin.

It looks like one member created a training on the plugin, so I figure there may be some people here using it.

I posted the warning on the training here as well:

Good luck.

Edited to add updated info below:

As usual, two sides to every story. And here is the plugin author's explanation:

If true, he let himself get duped by another coder and made a very dangerous and naive decision to share access.

However, it appears that he has corrected things.

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KatieMac Premium
not one that I use however it is good to know there are risks with this plugin
KatieMac Premium
Not one I am using but thank you for the warning can't be to careful when it comes to protecting our sites
chrisbailey Premium
Yep. You're welcome and I've added an update as it seems the plugin author may have let himself be duped by another coder...