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Residual income, that's what many of us are after, right?Do the work once and keep on earning down the road. I think most of us have seen a few trainings and success posts that touch on that topic.Even as I continue to work on kicking my arse into high gear, or even low gear :), I see everyday the potential for exactly those kind of results. I have a couple sites that were long neglected that continue to earn a little Adsense revenue every month. I think I may have become complacent with tha
Just wanted to pass along a warning from Wordfence about the 404 to 301 plugin. looks like one member created a training on the plugin, so I figure there may be some people here using it.I posted the warning on the training here as well: luck.Edited to add updated info below:As usual, two sides to every story. And here is the plugin author's explanation:
I've seen a few posts showing that some people are having issues with users getting registered and/or logged in when they are using the bbPress forum plugin on their WA hosted sites. It seems quite a few are getting the annoying error:"401 Authentication Required - This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required."From w
I think most of us have heard or read about the myriad of security breaches and hacked websites that have compromised the information of millions of people.Have you ever wondered if your information is "out there" somewhere? I have.A few weeks ago, I received a startling email from Amazon that stated:Hello,At Amazon we take your security and privacy very seriously. As part of our routine monitoring, we discovered a list of email address and password sets posted online. While the list was not Am
There are some important vulnerability fixes in today's WordPress security and maintenance update to version 4.4.2 so if you haven't already done so, update your site immediately.Here is some information on what the latest update takes care of.From Wordfence -- WordPress --
Well, as I go through day four of site downtime, I have to say thanks to HostGator for the reminder of how not to do business, lol. I completely understand that webhosts will occasionally experience issues, sometimes even on a catastrophic level. How a business handles these types of failures probably gives the absolute best insight as to where there priorities truly are. In this case, the issues are primarily affecting those of us using reseller accounts. Fortunately for me, I only use the
Just about all of us have received scam emails for mystery shopping opportunities. These emails promise pretty big dollars for easy work and often request we apply by sending our contact info to some throwaway email address to "apply". If you've been around long enough, you know these are scams and ignore them. Perhaps you've wondered if there are legitimate mystery shopping jobs out there. Yes, there are. Even though there are people who actually do mystery shopping and merchandising full ti
Well, my first time with WA was a bust. I can't even remember what year it was, lol. I let myself get bogged down by information overload. I am not a very disciplined person when it comes to buckling down and wading through so much stuff. Unbelievably(not really), it's been almost 2 years since I rejoined WA as a free member stated my intent to be more structured and persistent. Damn, I swear time moves faster where I live. :) I again let myself get bogged down and just couldn't really nail