How To Create a Project Plan

Last Update: Dec 31, 2020

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What is a project plan

When you are going about doing something that takes more than a few steps, you should have a plan to finish your project. I will go over the steps I do on how to create a project plan that will ensure that you will be successful in your journey.

I work with cars a lot, when I start a car I normally will work on a plan to finish the project, things do not go as the plan I write out when I start most of the time, plan B, just don't stop.

I write down the things that need to be done, then assign a number to the of the importance of needing to be done. Engine work is high on my list, if it does not run what good is it.

I will take my plan and separate it into smaller parts to make it not look so big and celebrate when a part gets done. I will work on the interior, engine, paint, and finishes in different steps. Doing too many things at one time can slow or derail any project.

Many projects take many years to get done, this one is in its 36th year. My WA journey is in its 6th year.

Laying out the steps

Purchase of the project is the first step, looking at the ads to see what prices things are selling for. This is like searching the internet to see what is the best way to make money online. After all these years Wealthy Affiliate is the best I have found.

Looking at each car to see what is within my capabilities and budget. Taking a free ride in an online program to see how it can help you make money online. The free 7-day trial is a great way to see if this program is for you.

After looking at all my options, purchasing my project. After looking at all the training and help you can get at Wealthy Affiliate, taking the plunge and buying a monthly or yearly package. If you purchase a yearly plan, you will give yourself some time to have a successful website.

Making a list of what needs to be done and what parts that will need to be purchased for the step of the project I am working on, researching what you what the finished product to look like. What do you need to purchase first, a domain name. Finding the right look of your website, Theme and Plugins.

Doing research on where to find parts and pricing them for each step of the project. This is kinda like doing subject research for each post, you must have the vision to know where each post is going.

Ordering parts and making sure that they are all here before starting your project. Finding the right long-tailed keywords will fall here as if you don't have a great for people to find your post, you will be wasting your time.

Disassembly will be a step that you will have to be very organized with as if you misplace parts or do not keep things in order, reassembly will take a lot longer. Organizing your thoughts and doing your post research for what order to write your article in will come here.

Cleaning all parts that are to be reused, this is an important step as some parts cannot be found or replaced. Planning the layout of your post or what template to use for your post is next.

Assembly or writing your post

Laying parts out in order to be reassembled, I like to put my parts in order of putting them back together, This is like putting a blog post together, just the sections with H3 tags to separate your information into parts.

Assembling your project will take a little time and may take a few steps forward and them a few backward to fix some things that just do not look right. This is actually writing your post, having all of your research done and images for your article organized will help in this step. I do sometimes go back and rewrite some things on a post before publishing it to make sure that it sounds right and makes sense.

During assembly, I make sure each piece fits right and will function when I am done. This is an important step when working with electrical wires and fuel systems. This is like making sure that your images fit what you have written, you do not want to show a picture of a cat when you are writing about a dog.

Getting ready for the road or publishing your work

The final steps of most projects are to put the shiny stuff on, the chrome-finished parts that you do not want to mess up with grease or dirty hands. This is the SEO part, a very important step to make sure everything looks great when you show it to the world.

Test out what you put together to make sure it works without leaking or falling apart. This is reading your article out loud before it is published to make sure it makes sense.

Step back and take a look at your project and make sure you are proud of what you have done, take it for a test spin. One of my first rides was around the Brickyard. This will be your publish point, your post will be done, you still have work to do.

My fuel line broke on the way home from the Brickyard, and I had to replace it on the side of the highway. My brother, in the back seat, was following me and I had the part with me to fix it. This is like finding you left something out when you look at your post after it is published and seeing something that you did not do like I don't have a featured image. This is something I forgot in my last article. Just fix it and go on.

Being proud of your finished project

Show your finished project to the world, I have shown my car in many shows and have enjoyed all of them. This is like the social sharing of your post, it will help people find your post and get you some traffic. Also, use the Comment request places in WA to have people visit your post and share their thoughts, make sure you answer each comment. This traffic will lead to organic traffic.

Adding shiny stuff that was not on your car to start with like I added a spoiler, floor shifter, and sport wheel will make it more of my own. This will help when showing your car at shows. This is like adding widgets and Affiliate links to your website. Sometimes it will attract the attention of your readers and they will purchase things and you will make money. This is the ultimate goal of most people building websites or cars. I like to win trophies with my car.

I hope that you like my analogy of cars vs building a money-making website. Both take a lot of work and time, neither can be rushed. I still work on my car to add new things or replace broken things and I work on my website daily, each gives me some satisfaction of a project well done and rewards me with trophies and affiliate monies.

If you take your time and follow a plan, your project will get done. Do not rush any steps as if you leave one out your project may fail you.

I do not write a lot here as my life is really busy this year, keep doing the lessons as they do work when you do.

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year and God bless.

Leave me a comment on what you think and hit the like button.

John the Outdoor and GTO guy

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She's one pretty puppy.. ;)

That color is amazing! Love the analogy of this article... awesome job; you're a natural.

Something a little birdie told me yesterday... Twitter took over the writing sight, Revue and they're turning Twitter into something really special for writers looking to get paid for their work.

They just announced this last week, so now would be a good time to jump on a username (separate from Twitter's).

Love the story and the paint job really is cool, Chris.

To your success,

ps: This is not a promotion, and I have no associations with Twitter or Revue. This comment does not contain links and visiting their sites after reading does not benefit me in any way.

I have owned two Goats, a 68 bright orange beast that constantly got me pulled over! And a 71 wannabe.

The 71 was a Tempest with a billy goat front end I found. Paid 60 bucks for her. No carb, distributor, four flats, weeds growing through the hood. I brought all the parts and 6 hours later drove her away. The old owner was pissed when I got her running, but too late for I had the pink slip in hand.

The 68 was a fun car, cops pulled me over more often than not just to find out what I did to her. Many of those officers became my customers later on. The lesson, always treat everyone with respect for one never knows just how that person can create awesome stuff in your future or what you can help them create! Super fun!

As a gear head, I can really wrap myself around what you're saying here and it is a great way to look at this online stuff. Very scary at first, but we are building something not only for ourselves, but to share with others. How many people have enjoyed your GTO? I know I did for sure, had so many great memories in my Pontiacs.

Keep up with the fun! Post more pics. Lol.

You Rock,

For taking your time to write this I will say let all the blessings you need come your way in the coming year. Thanks for sharing the plan- a sure foundation for many to use. Happy New year

Love it and it's a great post to take us into the new year. Thank you for sharing John.

I love your analogy, John, and the car is beyond awesome!

Best continued success to you in the New Year!


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