Blogging is hard for me. How about you?

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Good grief, I have the hardest time thinking up topic to talk about. I mean I never liked writing even tough I am a lover of words (go figure). I have always had an issue with stringing those words together. Reviewing other peoples' WA posts and their titles and I think to myself "why does it not flow like that for me?"

I sit and search my mind on what to say and how to say it. Does anyone else have this issue? And if so how do you get past this constant writers block.

Perhaps it's not in me to be a part of this over sharing society or maybe it is and the door is just locked and I have not found the key.

I do try hard to write like I speak, just to keep things interesting and flowing. I am not upset just venting some frustration that I have learned about myself since being here, less than a month.

Sidebar-----what exactly is blogging? Where did this term come from? I feel like I just woke up one day and there the term was. How did that happen?

Just wandering.......

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Be natural, write what you love. Everyone has what he loves or you can do it another way round. I mean blog about the challenges you have encountered. Just write. I hope you will love this.
Just write.


I do like this. I like you saying "just write". I can make things seems hard than what they really are at times. Not sure why I do that. Thank you for your encouraging words.

Don't over think it :). A blog is you just writing anything you want. Even if it is already a popular thing to write about you will have a new twist because it is from you. You got this!


Good perspective. Thank you I like it.

It flowed pretty good right now. I've had the same dilemma in the past and was hard to get passed it. I kept researching my niche (I even work in my niche) the block was the hardest to overcome, you'll find your keys in fact the door is already unlocked you've proven that just now expressing your frustration. What's your niche?

My niche is "MEN" creating a website to honor and be positive about men. I have such compassion for men in general but I am at a lost sometimes. I have no bothers and no significant other,I do have male friends. However, I have to be careful about what I ask because I don't want to sound creepy or like I am trying to hit on them.

PM me anytime you have a question and I'll be happy to assist in any way I can. I'd suggest starting off looking at articles on Maxim or some magazine like that to get you started on ideas. Every niche is the same just written in a different voice and different perspective. Your perspective is what will make it unique since you are a woman. That right there is powerful. You got this.

You have a great writing style and tone from this post, keep up the good work!

Thank you for your encouragement.

Seems like you did pretty good to me! What is blogging? Google it.


Your right. This is what happens when I get frustrated, I blank out. Thank you

Writer's block is not uncommon; i deal with it daily; but one of the first things i learned when I started honing my craft was this: write what you know. Even if it's something as simple as writing instructions on how to make your favorite recipe. If certain ideas pop into your head or remind you of a funny incident or memorable situation: write it down - even if it's on a piece of scratch paper or the back of an envelope of junk mail. Keep your written ideas in a binder...then if you get stuck, refer to the binder. It helps me sometimes and sooner than you know it, the creative writing juices will flow from hand to pen...or in this case, keyboard. Good luck and have fun with it.


I love it. I noticed that when I look at other WA posts or just daily happenings thoughts come to me. But when I am trying to do it on the fly.....forget it. I will start a binder and put ideas in it daily (AKA a file on my computer). So when it comes time to blog for the WA site or my own site the juice will be there. All I have to do is pop the top and start drinking. Thank you for that idea.


You go, woman! Sooner than you think you will have tons of ideas. Don't forget: write what you already know or experienced and keep going😁

When I started WA I had the same writers block. I think we all get it in the beginning.

To get pass it I just think of whats happened in my day and any thoughts that I've had I write them down.

And depending on the niche your in, you'll either need to research a lot or go with something that really interests you so that way you'll write from the heart and not from the mind.

Plus if you niche is something that you know very little about, it can get hard, because time spent researching then putting together a post, then researching again and putting together a post, on and on can get frustrating.

So go with something that your studying at present or something you have a lot of knowledge about. Or talk about what other people are doing, that way it should ease the pressure of writers block.

I do get it now and again, so when it comes I just take a break and go do some social media stuff or visit a friend.

Hope that helps.


Your right all that research and more research can bog you down. I an very much interested in my niche and should it come easy but it does not. It is like girl trying to understand a boy and vice versa. We both exist with each other daily and for life, but we still struggle at times to figure each other out. But I get your meaning and thank you for the tips.

You're welcome.
It does get easier as time goes by.
So stay in there.

My first niche website was a flop, so I deleted everything and re- focused on what I'm actually trying to achieve.


I wonder how did you manage to write
this very own blog post?

If you can write this interesting blog post,
you can also write for your own blog in a
subject you are passionate about.

Don't aim for perfection, instead choose a
niche you are passionate about or have
some interest in.

Then start writing content based on keyword
research. You may not be satisfied with your
1 st or even 10th blog post.

But at your 30th, 40th or 50th blog post you
will distinctly see the difference in your writing
from your initial articles.

The key is to stick with a schedule and publish
content consistently.


Good point. I wrote this blog post from the heart it just came out. I get what your saying. I am very interested in my niche it just gets hard to decide which way to go in a moment notice. Something else you said "Scheduled". I think that may be my biggest problem not scheduling when I am going to post. I am thinking things up on the fly and I think that is where my trouble is coming in. Thank you for that insight.

1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

1. add new material to or regularly update a blog.
"it's about a week since I last blogged"


1990's shortening of weblog

Welcome to the WA community Cherry! Please don't ever say you feel like you don't belong here! We all want to see you succeed...that is part of being a member of the WA family!!

If you are stuck on finding things to write about, check out the Live Events section to the right. Jay has awesome live trainings about almost everything related to writing, writing content, keeping a writing schedule, finding ideas, etc. Use the search bar and type in the term writing or even blogging. It's a start!

Best of luck on your journey to success!


I did not expect someone to really answer the last part of my post. I am glad you did. You pointed something out to me. "A writing schedule" I never thought of that. I think that is where my problem is. So thank you. I will look at those post you mention and then come up with something for myself. Thank again for the definition. LOL!!!

Glad I could help! :-)

I have a difficult time writing - sometimes. But not just writing like you talk, but pretend you're writing to your friend. I find when I'm writing an email to someone the words flow. When I try to write something for my website its a very different experience. So pretend your writing to someone you know.


I agree with you whole heartedly. It is different writing an email versus writing content for your website. Good idea to write like your talking to someone you know. I will try that. Thank you

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