HURRAY! I did it! I upgraded to the YEARLY premium.

Last Update: May 03, 2020


I must admit, the premium yearly offer was a no-brainer. I mean, what other business investment, can only cost you $299 per year? Well personally, I can't think of any, not one that has such long-term potential and growth. Not only that, the price includes a community of like-minded individuals and abundant training. This community at WA all have a strong desire and passion to succeed. What adds to this is the compassion and support from the community - this is what makes WA unique.

Additional Support

I can not tell you how many times I have emailed site support with techy questions that probably would have taken me weeks to figure out, or even worse, quit the whole project. Their response time is insanely quick, and they go above and beyond to help the non-tech savy people like myself.

Where Am I At?


I have been with WA for just over 5 weeks, and I feel like I am working my a** off each day, building up my website. I decided that 1 website would suffice for me right now, until I learn how to manage my time and pick up speed.

I have been good indexed and I have 42, 651 words written and 23 posts. My goal was to have many more posts by now, so I feel like my progress is a little slower than I wanted it to be. But on the bright side, I am very happy with the quality of my content which I feel is most important. My niche is about female health, specifically hormone balance and I recently added a pregnancy blog into this as well, which has been a very recent decision.


I was speeding through the training until I got to level 3, where Kyle taught how to add affiliate links. I felt that my site was not ready for links, and I reached out to my WA family, and I was told to focus on content and that I did not have to go step-by-step in the training. So I stayed at level 3 for the last 2-3 weeks and finally finished level 3, feeling comfortable to add some affiliate links on my site.

Then I got to level 4 training which is all about social media and I hit a wall there.....


Now this is a tough one. I have been struggling with this topic and pretty much followed my gut and will only use Pinterest for the moment. I do have an Instagram account, and I am still willing to add IG to the mix, but I am not yet sure. Facebook and twitter however, just do not feel like me JAM.

Pinterest has been interesting so far. I have had an account for years, and was barely using it. I did all the 4 Pinterest webinar training by Jay and I took all his advice. I have been creating and posting pins for almost one month. I have created 1 pin per post on my pinterest account and if you take a look at my stats below, seems great right?

Well the number of impressions and link clinks has jumped like crazy and I got excited as well. But the reality is, none of these link clinks are MY CREATED posts. They are posts of other people that I just pinned, to support and follow other pinterest users in my niche. So if I have no link clinks to my pins, than definitely no traffic to my site. And my number of followers has only went up by 3: from 25 to 28.

I will continue with pinterest and hope that it is just a matter of time and persistence.


I have decided to focus on one site for now, and recently reached out to my WA family again, wondering if I can promote WA on my health nice. I was starting to worry about ranking and monetization and to be honest, I stopped checking where I rank because it was stressing me out. I will just focus on keywords and was thinking that even though I as for comments on each of my posts soon after being published, I should go back to older post and asks for comments again to get more recognition from Google. What do you guys think?

Anyway, back to my promoting of WA. Due to my wonderful support here at WA, I was guided to a training by shazzaWA which you can find the link just below. I took her advice today and created an author box on my homepage, where I put one affiliate link for WA on my site. I think it is a great idea and this way I have at least some change to get come WA commissions once traffic starts on my site.

Personal Hesitations

These last 2 weeks on a personal level have involved some big decisions and unexpected surprises. For those of you who have read my profile, I am home working on WA not because of the Covid per se, but because I had taken a 1-year sabbatical from work to travel. So yes, because of the Covid, my travel plans came to a halt, half-way through my travels and I came back home, foolishly hoping I would be able to travel before I go back to work in September.

Well reality started to sink in and my husband and I decided to request to go back to work, given we work in the medical field and so our assistance is greatly needed. This goes without saying, that we were approved an early return and we start work Monday.

However, Monday will mark another mile-stone, because I VERY recently discovered, that I am pregnant. This was unforeseen, because my husband and I were under the impressions that we would not be able to conceive naturally, but I guess doctors were wrong and God had other plans for us.

So my mind has now been racing....

I am working on WA affiliate full time and I feel like I am working at a snail`s pace. Now I will be adding work, pregnancy, fatigue and raising a child for the first time in the mix. We are also considering moving into a bigger home. Where and how does my crazy dream for WA fall into all of this?


I decided to sign up with WA premium because of a few reasons. Dreams and goals are easily destroyed if you are:


I know that impatience and doubt are my biggest obstacles and only I have control over these feelings. Yes, I know that life will slow down my progress, but progress is still progress. As long as I take one step forward every day, that is what counts. And my new idea of blogging or journaling my pregnancy on my niche site, as a way to really connect with my audience, makes me excited and will also help me get through the hard times that I know I will encounter.

So this is it everyone. I will continue along with training level 5, while adding content content content. I may only post 2 blogs a week instead of 5, but those 2 will still be a step in the right direction. Thank you everyone for you constant support. I never feel alone and I am never left confused or wondering how to do something for longer than a few minutes because on of you is always there.

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.


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Pedrone Premium

have a good day!
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Thank you!
Mick18 Premium
Congrats on your pregnancy. You have been blessed.
WAy to go on choosing to go yearly. It truly is an amazing deal.
Cheenzie Premium
Thanks so much @mick18. I am going to the doctor today. It will feel even more real then. I dont really have any symptoms.
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Nice Job Cynthia and Congrats on pregnancy! That is Awesome!
Have a Great Day!
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Thank you so much Chuck! Have a great rest of your day:)
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Congratulations! Well done.
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Thank you:)
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Congrats! I have made the same decision about the yearly plan!
Its to good of an offer to pass up!
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Yes we made the right choice for sure.