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I finally finished the OEC training. Took me longer than I had planned but I stopped the training to first build more content before proceeding.I know I will have to go back to some of the same training in a few months, when I start having traffic to my site. That way I can hopefully get approved by google adsense and maybe implement more social media than just Pinterest.Thank you to everyone who helped me with my countless questions along the way.
WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG?Generous Price I must admit, the premium yearly offer was a no-brainer. I mean, what other business investment, can only cost you $299 per year? Well personally, I can't think of any, not one that has such long-term potential and growth. Not only that, the price includes a community of like-minded individuals and abundant training. This community at WA all have a strong desire and passion to succeed. What adds to this is the compassion and support from the community - this
Hello WA family,I literally spent the WHOLE day jumping between Youtube videos, adding free plug-ins, and playing with different settings to design my landing page. I downloaded a website builder called Elementor and it took me forever to just do what I did today which is not even that much.I need other sets of eyes because I am just exhausted looking at it and really do not know if I should continue with what I have or start over. On the bright side, I am VERY happy that I even managed to do
April 10, 2020
Journey with Wealthy AffiliateHello WA family,I have only been with WA for about 3 weeks now but my commitment to the training and the connections I have developed with you guys makes it feel like it has been much longer. I am enjoying every second here and I am so happy I took this opportunity to grow and reach for a dream that I have always wanted to try. I know that if I would be at work right now, I would have felt too overwhelmed to start this project.Yesterday I submitted my 3rd and 4th p
Hello WA friends!So I completed my first content rich blog and literally less then 24 hours later, I recieved a comment. Funny is that I did not even notice that I had a comment that was waiting for approval on my behalf and noticed it today, 2 days later. Does this not show ever so clearly that the training here is KEY and if you follow the steps you will get traffic?! I mean my site had absoloutely no color, photos...NADA. And someone still took the time to read it. I am so excited and if I t
April 05, 2020
This crazy time with the Corona Virus brought my biggest dream to an end. This dream, to take a 1 year sabbatical to travel was always put on the back burner. I always felt the time was not right becauseschool and career had to be a priority. Finally at age 37, I started my travels on Sept 1, 2019 but obviously with the virus, I had to return to Canada. I wont lie - I was angry, disappointed, sad and everything in between. My current full time job will not allow me to take another sabbatical i
I just upgraded and super excited to continue building content on my website. I still feel like this is a daunting task but I will trust the process and the education and support on this platform and take it one day at a time!