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Last Update: January 02, 2016

HI WA community :)

First, sorry for the length of this post, but some things need to be addressed that I think can help us all in the long run.

I try and observe a lot that goes on within internet marketing. I watch how some do their thing and how they interact with customers, etc. How they treat others, how they sell them and how they follow up.

This may be controversial to some, and well known to others, but over the last few months I have witnessed some things that make me cringe, and disappointed at how many employ shady tactics in order to make a buck online. The methods I am talking about are not always noticed, but it is an obvious problem I see.

What I see...
I know some violate spam laws, they pass around peoples emails like a piece of candy and they think no one knows what they are doing. Some marketers hammer their customers with constant upsells, downsells, special offers, an endless display of glittering objects that are "must have" within their sphere of influence, until one is exhausted by the time they can actually escape the offending website. The scripted boxes that ask you to either choose "Leave page or Stay on page" so they can hit you with more mind numbing hype. This is insanity to me every time I witness it in my research.

I have had some marketers outright lie to me about things that make little sense until you see how they operate and why they feel they must pull others in using deception. I have seen games played within webinars, often bringing in someone who can do nothing but praise how wonderful the presenter is and how brilliant they are only to watch it go downhill when time comes for the upsell or the next best thing to hit the IM marketplace that will bring millions to those smart enough to buy into it.

I think this kind of activity and tactics are an insult to those who are trying to conduct their business with integrity and honesty. We all have made mistakes unintentionally, we have all done stupid things but there was never intent to deceive anyone or to purposely take the low road and begin to duplicate the tactics as the few described above. I think most truly want to build a stable respectable business that delivers value to others without the nonsense in between. This is how WA teaches us and it is the right foundation to build ones business upon.

Whatever happened to learning to properly market in a respectable manner to someone that is genuinely interested in your business and approaching them in a respectable professional manner apart from the high pressure nonsense, and false scarcity scene within so many niches today?

Respectable affiliates...
Affiliate marketing for instance can be a great productive asset for people and a way for many to earn some passive income while respectably monetizing ones web site, etc. Nothing wrong with the business model as it is a big help for companies to make use of affiliates to broaden their market share, but there is something very wrong with how some of those affiliates are going about trying to promote their range of offers, much of how they are doing this is being taught by those who train them in a manner that is irresponsible in my opinion. It does not have to be this way, and it is up to those who care about the future of their business to stand up and take note, then do their best to bring back some respect to affiliate marketing in general like many here make an effort daily.

Again, WA teaches how to become a respectable affiliate and how to use the proper tools to monetize ones efforts and grow their business.

I also know of some good guys of good character and have had the pleasure to communicate with them. They do not play the games but actually rely upon the quality and appeal of their products to do the selling for them, as they provide real solutions and deliver real value to their customers including real training and respectable methods of growing ones business. They are doing things right overall. These good guys often agree with my observations and support anyone who is interested in pursuing others of like mind and motive.

Many of us have seen this...
I could go on, but I think there are many who would understand what I am saying. I think it is time to stop winking at the tactics employed by some marketers and start exposing them for how they are becoming a blemish within the industry they so fondly call "IM" or internet marketing which a lot of it is marketing to other marketers often trying to mimic their so called "gurus" and claiming themselves to be something they are not.

Don't overlook...
Never accept that being lied to and often being manipulated is just "part of the business". Never accept being pressured into something you cannot afford to buy or do is normal...because it is never normal. I have personally called out some companies tactics they employ and I have told them what they were doing is wrong. I usually get the same response..."You just do not understand how things work and you are trying to disrupt our business so unless you want to make a purchase so that you can "have success", let us alone". They also get angry and defensive which is strange to me, as I only ask questions based upon what I observe.

Always remember to be an example of how to do things right and in a manner that is respectable, and to apply what you learn here at WA to your daily efforts. Never forget it is all about building trust and delivering real value to your customers...with no need for hype and the lies often taught by those who only see you as a walking sack of money. Be honest and care about those you interact with, because it is these virtues that will grow your business over time and build trust between you and your customers.

Thanks for reading and my best wishes to you!

I hope 2016 is simply awesome to you :)

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Norlight Premium
Thanks for the follow back, Jim. Going through your write-ups now. Enjoying them very much. All the best here and I'll do my best to stay in contact! - Tim
krazykat Premium
Thanks Jim.
Merry Christmas to you!
chartdude Premium
Your welcome krazykat. Just an example of the things we should never do and so glad WA teaches responsible marketing that works. This place is a gem and so are the folks involved. I would love to see all marketers find WA and know they are getting the best quality training online. :)
Merry christmas to you also, have a wonderful year ahead!