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July 20, 2016
Hey there :)Time for encouraging each other...We all have goals that we set so as to accomplish and achieve something that we desire to have or obtain, and we should always use them to motivate us each day as we work, and here are 10 quotes on accomplishing your goals I think will be of great help.Sometimes in life, we all need a fresh look at what we have or have not accomplished. So look at at it as if it was the first time you saw it, then rekindle that feeling of awe and excitement, and ta
Hi and Happy 2016 to everyone here at WA!Let us talk about ignoring negativity. No, it is not easy because it can often be rooted in fear and that can be a real obstacle.As long as humans exist there will always be negative people. It is therefore crucial to teach ourselves how to drown out the negativity that will put a damper on all our efforts to succeed and attain our lives' goals. We have to learn to cancel that noise of negativity. As we set out to make something of our lives, there will
January 08, 2016
Motivation is the driving force which enables you to stay committed towards attaining your goals. It plays a key role in your overall development and success. However, sometimes you’ll find yourself lacking that excitement that you had when you started working on your goal. Perhaps you screwed up along the way and got discouraged, or there’s something new in your life (a new relationship, job etc.) that’s taking away your time and attention from your goal. Irrespective of what
HI WA community :)First, sorry for the length of this post, but some things need to be addressed that I think can help us all in the long run.I try and observe a lot that goes on within internet marketing. I watch how some do their thing and how they interact with customers, etc. How they treat others, how they sell them and how they follow up. This may be controversial to some, and well known to others, but over the last few months I have witnessed some things that make me cringe, and disapp