Are my goals DEAD?

Last Update: July 20, 2016

Hey there :)

Time for encouraging each other...

We all have goals that we set so as to accomplish and achieve something that we desire to have or obtain, and we should always use them to motivate us each day as we work, and here are 10 quotes on accomplishing your goals I think will be of great help.

Sometimes in life, we all need a fresh look at what we have or have not accomplished. So look at at it as if it was the first time you saw it, then rekindle that feeling of awe and excitement, and take action!

· Believing you are the best makes you the best. If you are not the best, pretend to be the best. When you believe you can then you are halfway the journey to accomplishing your goals. Have faith in your abilities NOT your ego!

· Realizing your full potential and striving hard to achieve it, brings positive accomplishment. Unlike having poor ambitions, where you want to drive fancy cars, wear nice and expensive clothes and live in a nice apartment without chasing your dreams.

· Being a hero does not necessarily mean doing the extra ordinary things, it means being an ordinary person who is sufficiently motivated to acquire the challenging goals in life and not giving up on the way.

· Time will never be right. Work with whatever you have and start wherever you are. The appropriate tools will come along the way. Be patient...always!

· Delays maybe caused by interruptions and circumstances, loosing focus is an enemy to success and achieving your goals. Always be prepared and increase your knowledge and add to your experience it will be of importance when an opportunity comes up.

· Set a direct course for your life by understanding the goals you have set or you can decide not to and let life take its course for nothing can be developed by one huge step. This is because an achievement in whatever project one decides to take comes from taking small individual steps and you shall eventually get there.

· An average mind’s opinion is not a reason to sway you, for when you dream he thinks you are insane when you become successful he thinks you are lucky and when you are wealthy he will say you are greedy.

· Playing victim, whining, making excuses, complaining, being dramatic and playing the blaming game has never brought anyone closer to success so quit that and work extra hard to achieve your goals.

. Most do not make the effort required to work through the early stages of their goals. At the first sign of an obstacle, the momentum is lost. Stay focused even through the obstacles!

· Failures in life are as a result of an individual not realizing how close he/she is to success when giving up. Make failure your stepping stones, and never be afraid to give it your best!

Have a wonderful day my WA friends, and keep smiling always :)

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JudeP Premium
I love 'don't let anyone rent a space in your head'! That's really made me think about things, thank you :)
chartdude Premium
Hi Jude
I liked that also, it has quite a few implications!
Have a great day dear...

MPollock Premium
That is a great post and great quote.
The world needs these as Headlines.
chartdude Premium
Thanks Mike! Appreciate it my friend.

Jozeph Premium
Ahhh, just what the DR ordered
Thanks Jim, much appreciated
Have a great week
chartdude Premium
Hey Jozeph!
You're welcome my friend. really good to 'see' you. Things going ok? You also have a good week, and stay in touch.

lynnsam61 Premium
Great post. I agree with everything here. Always aim high, be true to yourself, keep learning and fake it til you make it!
chartdude Premium
Glad you liked it Erica. Good to see you. :)