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Last Update: March 23, 2016

For my first Blog I would like to talk about my meeting last night.

Last night we had to vote on a contract proposal. The proposal affects directly my possibility of retirement. You are probably aware that I'm working on a website to help me retire before I'm 67.
You are probably not aware, but here in Quebec, Canada teachers are having trouble sometimes being recognized.
Unfortunately, in my opinion, education as become a business. If we have the money, good, if not, too bad. The government will never say that, but they can give a lot of money to big companies, just to leave after a while, but education......that's an other ball game.

Oups out I'm a little of topic.

The section in the contract proposal, that affects me, is that now I can retire at 60 without a penalty if I have 30 years of teaching behind me, before that it is a 6% penalty per year.

Is it a good news ? Well it was suppose to be 62. So we gained I guess.

I'm curious to know, if you are a teacher, how do things work in your neck of the woods.

We have a saying in French: " Quand on se compare on se console". I can't give you a full translation but.

What about you guys

Thanks and have a great day

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Good post, best of luck with this!
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