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September 12, 2018
Hello,This really is my last post on WA, I am feelilng guilty about leaving all my followers who have been depending on me to help them and I want to be still able to help all of you as much as I can.You can contact me on myFacebook Page of course, I also have a weekend sign up for anyone wanting to sign up. This email will be replacing my WA blog posts, so you have an idea what my emails will be like. So I thought this might help many of you who have been following my posts to keep receiving m
Hello My Special Friends,I am sadly announcing this will be my last post on WA, I have to leave WA out of reasons out of my control.I want you all to know my free mentoring still will be available and you can contact me on my Mentoring With Jeff Facebook page. I added a send email button on my page for you all to be able to messagge me privately, and you also can leave me a message on my Facebook page as well.I am broken hearted to have to write this post today, I have enjoyed every post I have
September 06, 2018
Hello,Many of you might think what I am going to share with you today to sound crazy, I have never claimed to be a sane man. You can use Google to improve your website ranking, so are you using these Google websites in your blog posts?I use Google's websites in my post to increase my ranking, I also found this has improved my posts to be indexed quicker. Some affiliate marketers claim this is not true, but I am a witness this has worked for me in only a few months I have seen a dramatic differ
September 01, 2018
Content Marketing StrategyMaybe this is not the best affiliate marketing tool, but I would have to put it high on my list of the tools which has been giving me the most success. What content marketer would not love to be able to check their traffic and sales daily without becoming overwhelmed, so many new bloggers drive themselves crazy checking Google Analytics only to become overwhelmed. I now only check my Google Analytics about once per month, but I do check my favorite marketing tool prett
August 30, 2018
Hello,I have another Amazon post which might interest some of you who are not receiving the traffic and sales from Amazon you deserve, so when you are starting out online you have to pay your dues and put in your time before the search engines will rank your posts on the first page. I know many of you are probably checking your traffic and sales daily, but very few people are going to see a high ranking when they first start their online business.Most people new to the online business who exper
August 23, 2018
What Is A Teaming AgreementWhat is a teaming agreement between team members is important for every member to know, and basically this is a simple agreement between the members of a team to be working together to accomplish specific goals. For anyone who has joined my team you will be receiving step-by-step emails to build your own team and promote the products, but you can form your own team of two or more people to work together to accomplish common goals.Promoting Products And ServicesTeam me
August 17, 2018
Hello Guys & Gals,Well I finally broke down and designed a website for " Mentoring With Jeff", you are all welcome to read my first post and leave a coment if you like.Welcome to Mentoring With JeffThis is my first post on my new website Mentoring With Jeff, you can find me also on my Facebook page. For my first post I am going to talk to you about the best free affiliate programs, I get many people contacting me how to choose the best free affiliate p
August 10, 2018
Hello,As many of you know I provide mentoring for free to Wealthy Affiliate members, I live to help all of you as much as I can. You can find Mentoring With Jeff on Facebook @ would love any of you interested in visiting my page to do so, you will find a variety of posts from other members on my Facebook page.The best way we can help each other is by liking and sharing each other's Facebook posts, you will find many Facebook page owners will like and
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July 31, 2018
Hello,This is a short post on Amazon Native Ads from my last post, I know many people are fearful about adding Amazon Native Ads in their heading of their website. So I have another solution for those of you not comfortable with adding coding to your heading of your website, you can add Amazon Native Ads to the footer of your website with widgets, you will not need to go into your editor and add code to add native ads this way.You just go to widgets and add the code as HTML code to your widget