Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

Last Update: October 07, 2017

I was sitting down this morning having a bit of a morning muse...and realized that I have just added another project to my already busy situation!! Why did I do that? Of course I do have an end result in mind, but why am I not content with focusing on one thing at a time. I had a pow wow with a business associate yesterday also a very busy lady who is also not content with keeping it simple. That got me thinking do we as women function better when we are busy and under pressure? Is it because we are naturally attuned to multi-tasking and juggling? My sister tells me it is a natural trait of the Aries star sign, we naturally love multiple projects on the go, BUT do have the tendency not to complete! This is something I can definitely relate to....with that in mind, timetable time. Would love to hear any tips or tricks from busy, over committed people about how you juggle and stay relative sane. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Have a great week!

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JIllW Premium
I am aware of what you are saying and I have dropped doing the house work, at a slower pace as right now I am be hind in content a will spending the rest of my Thanks giving writing and doing things on my web site. I am happy you wrote this. Take Care and all the bes to you
CDukes Premium
Thank you for your comments and good luck with your content!
Give It A Go Premium
Oh dear. I know exactly what you mean. I do it all the time. I get excited about one thing and work ceaselessly on that, and then another idea pops into my head and suddenly I am swept away by that new idea. And I'm Sagittarius. I do eventually get back to the earlier task but often I have many incomplete works in progress on the go at any given time (As you know!).

One of the key things that keeps me going is "if it's not urgent, don't do it" especially when it has to do with household chores. Another thing is that I squeeze some of the smaller jobs in when I am taking a break such as putting a load of washing on on my way to make a coffee or food. I've usually sorted it out during another break.

I wrote a blog on my carers website that may give some tips about how to chunk everything and almost finished my book about the very same topic but more in depth. Yay!


In terms of organising your business ideas, I think if you can get on top of sorting out some of the things that take you away from your business plans and activities you may find it easier then to plan your time around progressing in your varied business directed activities and be able to plan your timetable more easily.

Some people might say to you to set a block of time for an activity in each area of your plans every day, however I find that difficult due to my Carer role. In these cases I keep notes on my ideas and plod along with one. I do still get waylaid with other ideas though.

If I have a small amount of time, I will try to get a smaller activity done. If I find a larger time slot available, I might choose to write my book or a blog. If you have mini plans for each project you could keep track of it easier and start up where you left off more easily and will be able to see quickly what you can do in what time you have.

I found recently that I had lots of smaller amounts of time so I decided to use it to make images for my Facebook pages and then schedule posts for the rest of the year. I will eventually learn how to do that on all of the social media but for now I'm concentrating on Facebook. That has now freed me up to give my full attention to my book again because I have found some larger amounts of time.

Keeping your goals in mind constantly will help to keep you in a "go, go, go" frame of mind. It is really hard not to get distracted on Social Media too.

Sorry for the long answer but I hope it helps.
CDukes Premium
I would not of expected a short answer from you Ange...LOL! Thank you for your ideas...you wrote a blog...lol.
Give It A Go Premium
LOL I did too didn't I? Oh well, I hope it gave you some help anyway. :)
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Christene from the Gold Coast of Australia!

My Time - Management & Multi-tasking techniques are a result of 30 years of working as a Family Physician in Canada seeing patients in 10 minute intervals and delivering babies on their precious time and tending to Emergency Scenarios at our local small hospital.

So, I am still living in my 10 minute world which actually really helps...

By stopping your workday flow every 10 minutes and assessing the following it may give you a new perspective:

--is what I am doing right this minute really necessary and is it helping my business?

--stop and just do something else on your priority list for just today

--be in the moment...stand up and stretch...get some Oxygen..stick your head out the window, breathe in some cool fresh air 10 x and pose for the Global Google Maps Satellite Photo! " Say cheese!

--laugh & be present - after all -- it's all temporary!

Dr Barb
CDukes Premium
Hi Dr Barb,
Wow! What an interesting way to look at things....I may be even more productive!

Thank you for your insight.
MKearns Premium
I agree with what you say. I'm married to an Aires and she has coursework planned out to 2022!
CDukes Premium
We Aries...love our plates full! Thank you for your comment. Have a great week!