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As I sit here and write this message to my Wealthy Affiliate family I can hear the rumblings of a thunder storm in the distance. Christmas in Australia is a hot and joyous time where all the shops close for a whole day and people get to spend quality time with their loved ones. As we swelter in the tropical heat and humidity of my Darwin home, longing for that storm to give us some relief - my thoughts move to the other parts of the world where a white Christmas is possible. I have recently
Saturday the 17th March 2018, Darwin and surrounds braced themselves for the arrival of Cyclone Marcus, a category 2 storm that passed through at midday leaving a path of destruction in it's wake.Residents were prepared, with reports only 130 people were seeking shelter in designated cyclone shelters. No injuries or fatalities have been reported, which is fantastic news! However the cyclone has left a trail of destruction with trees uprooted and down over powerlines. Crews are slowly restori
Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's here at Wealthy Affiliate. I hope you are all doing what you love on this special day! I have two beautiful children, who are now teenagers and although they challenge me every minute of everyday, I look at them and think how lucky I am to have them in my life. They grow so fast, cherish every moment.To my own mother and mother in law, thank you for being you and all the love and support over the years.Today, I am doing something that I love doing and th
I was sitting down this morning having a bit of a morning muse...and realized that I have just added another project to my already busy situation!! Why did I do that? Of course I do have an end result in mind, but why am I not content with focusing on one thing at a time. I had a pow wow with a business associate yesterday also a very busy lady who is also not content with keeping it simple. That got me thinking do we as women function better when we are busy and under pressure? Is it beca
September 28, 2017
Writing a review for WA is one of the first pieces of content we post on our WA affiliate site. I am currently finding that I am staring at the page and am lost for words. I have gone through the training in the lesson and a few other training posted by member's but I am lost for words....a first time for everything as my husband would say.Does anyone have any ideas or strategies they have used in a similar situation? This is the first review I have written, and I'm not sure if that is one o
It never ceases to amaze me at the incredible platform and community we have here at Wealthy Affiliate. There is so much information and 'noise' out there on the internet about ways to make money online. With everything that is available, it is no wonder people lose faith, give up and jump from one opportunity to the next! I have been one of those people. When I look back at the time that has passed and the money that has been spent - I cringe. I really wish I had of learnt of Wealthy Affi
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Happy New Year WA Community!! I hope 2016 is a year of health & abundance! As I reflect on 2015, I recall a year full of adventure and discovery. I anticipate that 2016 will follow on in the same way, but will accumulate into small successes paving the way to my goals.I look forward to getting to know the community at WA better and would like to thank those that are selfless in assisting others real their goals and dreams!Here's to the New Year - 2016!!!!
December 27, 2015
It's been four months since I have been introduced to the WA community and it is amazing exactly how much I have learnt. I have created my own niche' website from scratch and am slowly starting to see it grow and develop into a work of art I am so proud of. My website is called Christene's Healthy Food. I have been on a journey to better health through nutrition and this is the perfect platform to share what I have learned with others. I am really enjoying the community here at WA. I have d
December 26, 2015
I am back on the wagon!! The Wealthy Affiliate wagon. I found myself lost and distracted with what I should of been doing here at WA. Days passed, then weeks passed, I'm not proud to say even months passed and I wasn't doing what I needed to, to build my business. I beat myself up about it and came close to throwing in the towel. I stayed strong, I re-focused and thought about what I love here at WA. Community, support and a love for what I am learning and achieving . Okay so I fell off t
August 14, 2015
Well I have had computer issues for about three weeks. During this time I was not able to keep in touch with the Wealthy Affiliate Community. I found myself slowly drifting away and getting restless. I had to refocus and tell myself that Wealthy Affiliate was where I was suppose to be. Well I finally was able to correct my computer issues and logged straight back onto Wealthy Affiliate and got reconnected with this awesome community. I have moved ahead in leaps and bounds and I am so excite