Promote For Free, or Push For Premium?

Last Update: October 16, 2019

Hey WA,

Today, I want to pose a question to the community, and see how many different answers I can get, as well as see how many of you go about this.

I want to talk about promoting WA, and how does those who are promoting WA go about it.

I am not talking about traffic strategies or anything like that. I am talking about when promoting it, do we offer it for free, or promote the premium sign-up right off the bat.

I was always under the impression, that it is good to promote it for free, this way they can get a taste of it and always upgrade.

I was also told that if they were serious when signing up that they would most likely upgrade anyway.

The reason I bring this up, is that I have had a month where I got the most referrals I have ever received, but not 1 went premium.

I was wondering if maybe I should just promote the premium membership, and for the discounted price, that more people would go premium from the start.

I am just curious as to how others have gone about this. There is nothing wrong with a Free offer, but people buy things from the start all the time also.

I have also been told it's just a numbers game, and to get the most free referrals as you could, and eventually the premiums will start to trickle in.

I am still promoting it for a free start, but I was curious about other more up front strategies about asking what I want from the beginning.

I may do some split testing, but I am very interested how the community feels about this topic, and how they have gone about this approach.

Thank You WA,


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Linda103 Premium
I always suggest they try it out with the free starter. Not much point them signing up to Premium and giving up after a month.
CStauber Premium
I usually just welcome everyone and when I see that they have made their goals, then I comment on that and recommend the Premium membership for more tools availability in which to make their goals possible.

Cdelahoz Premium
Thanks Charlotte!
DarrenNicola Premium
I always try and stick to Helping people solve problems when you do that the rest will fall into place for those who are serious about improving their life.
All the best
Darren :)
Cdelahoz Premium
Thanks Darren!
FKelso Premium Plus
I offer both, but tell them with the free choice they can learn if the company is a "fit" and if so, upgrade to Premium.
Cdelahoz Premium
Sounds good, Thanks Fran!
Wdcope Premium
I focus on free because once they see everything in action the move to upgrade occurs more often, and they have made a distinct choice.
Cdelahoz Premium
Thanks Bill!