Do it for the Love of it and fear none of it

Last Update: Oct 23, 2017


In our lives we all come to points were we feel that we can’t move forward. Working online, many of us are treading into new areas that we are not familiar with. Many times getting stuck can be attributed to our misguided focus on why something will not work. I know for me these thoughts are mainly caused when I am filled with fear.

We fear that our efforts will not be good enough. We fear that we will disappoint others, our family, friends, coworkers, our superiors our followers or Customers. We fear that our work will just be plain lousy.

The reality is that we have to work to conquer our fears and it certainly is not easy. I was really surprised to read that Jon Gordon an accomplished author faced these fears when he was writing his book “The Carpenter”. He was able to overcome his fears after some deep thinking and those thoughts were a very valuable lesson in the book that he was writing. I thought this was worth sharing.

What he realized was that the solution to fear was Love. So instead of focusing on the fear of failing, he decided to focus on his Love of what he was doing and the desire to make a difference. As he tells the story, after focusing on Love, the words and thoughts for his book flowed effortlessly and he completed the book in less than 3 weeks. What he took away from the experience was if you focus on Love, you will discard fear.

What an inspiring way to build our lives, our learning, our projects, our businesses – partner with Love instead of fear. With love you will create a masterpiece - something good, something awesome and something you will be proud of.

In building our businesses, we need to focus on the Love for building instead of the fear of failure. Think of the Love and the passion that you have for your niche, for your audience, for your Customers and the potential Customers. Don’t worry about the outcome and negative thoughts about what people will think. The negativity sucks up your happiness and will derail your success. Tackle it for the Love of what you are doing, it will help to energize you, improve your performance and it will become even more than what you thought it would be.

We all face challenges and forces that could derail us and throw us back into fear. Don’t let it happen.

Aim to construct with Love and Love it all and fear none of it.

· Love the resistance, it will allow you appreciate successes.

· Love challenges, they will make you stronger.

· Love competition, it will make you better.

· Love the negativity that you hear from others, it make you more positive.

· Love the ones that have hurt you, it will allow you to embrace forgiveness.

· Love fear because it makes you courageous.

So let's continue to move forward passionately for the Love of it and fear none of it!

Recent Comments


I am truly grateful for this post.Great job! When we love there is no room for fear or doubt. And when we love we change the energetic vibrational area around us. When we love instead of thinking, we create a space of wonderful freedom. I wish that for all of us.
in peace and gratitude, ariel

So true Ariel. Love Conquers All!
Thank you for that.

Just another thought about fear:
We all somewhat fear the future...
But today is the future we feared in our past.
And it's not so bad, is it?
It presents opportunities, but it's up to each one of us to grab them for our benefit and the benefit of others.
Buenas noches mi amigo.


Buenas noches my friend.

Hey Claudio:
What a superb post my friend. I love humanity, I love the Planet! Money goes later, much later.
That's the main reason I decided my niche's spot.
It seems we share some passions. Maybe you would like to visit my website?
Best regards from México and congratulations!

Thank you for reading the post and the complimentary comments,much appreciated. We share some common values. I will certainly visit your site.

Amazing article..I needed to read as I have been facing some fears in one area of my life..This has really helped.

Cindy, thank you for reading and the feedback. Glad it may help. We all face fears in our lifetime and attitude is a big help in moving through them.

A very interesting (and worthwhile ) set of arguments




Thank you for reading and the feedback Stan.

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